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G.O.T - The Time Before



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G.O.T - The Time Before

Post by Sassafras on Tue Jul 26, 2016 12:56 pm

Draugr runs his fingers through Tora’s name, holding him tightly.
Tora held Draugr’s left hand with his right, and rested his left paw upon Draugr’s chest, stroking it a little. His tail played around Draugr’s right arm…
Draugr traces a particular pattern in Tora’s fur, like a code.
Tora moved his tail in response, making a similar, coordinated pattern.
Draugr – Good. You’re sure?
Tora swished his tail a bit more, left and right and…ended with a rapid flick, stiffening up a bit…
Draugr’s eyes glow black and he turns his face into Tora’s forehead, whispering a phrase that echoes with power, the air around them darkens and thickens, sealing them from prying eyes.
Draugr – Do you want to go ahead and ask…or do you want me to try and explain first?
Tora – Could you explain?
Tora tucked himself toward Draugr, letting a soft murr vibrate off his body…
Draugr – Hmm…where to begin…first of all, walls have ears…listeners everywhere, some for the Duke…others not, I don’t need them listening in any more than necessary… I’m sure the Duke heard everything we said to each other in his castle…which was why I said it there. As far as he knows, I’m sending you away to be safe…which is all he needs to know.
Draugr hums at Tora’s purr and holds him tightly pressing a soft kiss into his mane when he finishes speaking.
Tora mumbles `Spirits…’ and shook his head.
Tora – I’ve never dealed with all this…political nonsense… You were always one for that…
Draugr – Hmph, you underestimate yourself, but no matter… (hesitates) I want you safe from all this…but…you do not seem inclines to leave me anytime soon…
Tora – I can’t knowing your safety can’t be guaranteed…
Draugr – If that’s the case…then I have something I’d like you to do…
Tora stroked Draugr’s arm, tracing down from his shoulder to the palm of his hand.
Tora – That is…?
Draugr – The Duke is not known for his forces…and if this comes to a fight, he’d need them…or I will if things go…poorly. I want you to gather the old gang together, call in favors, build up our arsenal of magical tricks and trinkets again.
Tora held onto Draugr’s left arm, thinking aloud ``When was the last time I…?’’ and sighed
Tora - I can do that.
Draugr shivers at Tora’s touch unconsciously
Draugr – I do not expect the Duke to always be the best choice…and if another opportunity presents itself…I’d like to have some firepower backing me up.
Tora – Right, right… But I wished that…you know…we wouldn’t get back into this.
Draugr – (sighs) Tora, love, we’ve been round and round on this…
Tora rubbed his thumbclaw on Draugr’s wristscars.
Tora – I know, dear, but…well, I’m a bit tired is all.
Draugr – So am I love, and these next few months may only bring us hardship…but I will make you a promise…
Tora rested his head upon Draugr’s shoulder, waiting for the promise…
Tora – Mm?
Draugr – If and when this is over…if we’re both still alive and ourselves…then we will retire…forever, maybe adopt some runts of our own to do dirty work, how does that sound, hm?
Draugr presses his lips to Tora’s forehead gently.
Tora learned into Draugr’s lips
Tora – Sounds wonderful… I’ve always wanted a little cub running around the house, you know? It would make the place more…lively…
Tora closed his eyes and pushed closer to Draugr, his tail starting to wrap around Draugr’s leg…
Draugr closes his eyes and breaths deeply, inhaling Tora’s scent, but they snap open and his hand grab’s Tora’s tail…
Draugr – That tickles love.
Tora giggled, unwrapping his tail from Draugr while passionately kissing Draugr, leaning into him…
Draugr laughs and returns the kiss, releasing Tora’s tail as he shifts Tora underneath him.

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