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G.O.T - Trickery



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G.O.T - Trickery

Post by Sassafras on Tue Jul 26, 2016 12:55 pm

Noipros struggles heavily with the transformation. In a desperate attempt, he casts signet of humility on himself, and takes a deep breath and kneels
Noipros – I had to know what his army looks like…
Aneirahh begins to transform, a black mist form upon his body and begins to reveal someone. Not a frog…but a human.
Noipros – Not very impressive…
Noipros coughs
Noipros – I’m glad you were there.
Aneirahh – You could have gotten yourself killed.
Noipros brushes himself off
Noipros – Yes…tooo risky… But I know where he lives now…
Aneirahh rests his hand upon his shoulder.
Aneirahh – But I’m glad you’re okay, friend.
Noipros – And I know what he’s preparing… The Norn wasn’t here.. Aneirahh, help me up.
Aneirahh – I’m surprised they didn’t suspect me as the guard to be quite honest. That…Korg seems a stern critter.
Aneirahh helps Noipros to his feet and pushes him slightly, but catches him.
Noipros – Thank you…
Aneirahh – Hehe, got ye mate.
Noipros – Now…I suppose we have business to conduct? The chemical bomb trick, very impressive my little Asuran friend.
Aneirahh – Well, that’s me, I guess. The master of bodily illusions and such.
Noipros – I wouldn’t abuse that power if I were you.
Aneirahh – Shame I’m a terrible swordsman.
Noipros – Howl might see through it next time. WE have to be more careful..
Aneirahh – I better keep it low key, but I know what I’m doing. Something smaller it shall have to be.
Noipros – Howl…he looks flustered…
Aneirahh begins to shrink, and turn into a bird. His wings flap as he turns to Noipros and land upon his shoulder. Noipros pets the bird slightly.
Noipros – To the Dragonbrand, we go.

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