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G.O.T - Reunion



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G.O.T - Reunion

Post by Sassafras on Tue Jul 26, 2016 12:47 pm

Howl sits on his throne, digging his claws into the arm of the chair, being generally moody.
Korg enters the room, smiles and nods.
Howl flusters slightly, turning red under his fur.
Korg – How are you feeling?
Howl – Um. Fine.
Korg – Just fine?
Howl – Better…now.
Korg chuckles.
Howl’s mouth twitches a little.
Korg – Anything you’d like to discuss with me?
Howl – Have you heard from the Norn or Vialeth?
Korg – Not yet, though I did speak with the norn before he left.
Howl – Did you?
Korg – Yes.
Howl – What of?
Korg – Strategic and tactical conversation about the potential war to come.
Howl – There will be no war.
Korg – Hopefully not, no, but we should prepare anyway, dear.
Howl – There will be me beheading Noipros, and that will be fucking end to it (growl)
Korg – Shhh. Calm down. You will see him die, be assured. Perhaps we should discuss lighter topics.
Howl – I’ll have him stuffed…he can keep my Moa company- Oh…lighter topics…fine. Yes.
Korg – I have been considering the proposed expedition. With your permission, I plan to recruit the most loyal soldiers and craftsman for the task.
Howl – Yes. The sooner the better. Do this.
Korg – It will be done. And…may I say?
Howl – Please.
Korg smiles and gently clacks a horn against Howl’s.
Korg – You look beautiful as always.
Howl flushes, his ears turn down in embarrassment. He mutters something unintelligible in response.
Korg frowns
Korg – Something wrong? I meant no offence by it.
Howl – No! No…
Korg blinks
Howl – I…thank…thank you…Korg.
Howl raises his paw and places it atop Korg’s on the chair next to him.
Korg tilts his head
Korg – For what, Howl?
Howl – For the compliment. (mutters) Well…g-guess you just…leave me speechless.
Korg – That’s my line.
Howl leans over and places his head on Korg’s shoulder
Korg takes a paw and gently strokes Howl’s mane
Korg – You are alright, aren’t you, love?
Noipros grunts and wrestles
Howl – Yes…I am with you…so…so I am well…my...my…love.
Noipros looks at the guard intentively
Korg leans back in his chair slightly and giggles at Howl
Little Bub’s armor clanks in the distance. Large grumbles and disputes carry on from outside
Noipros – Let go of me now!
Noipros nods at his captor
Korg – You’re adorable. Almost like you…the great, strong. Duke of the Arbor has never done this before.
Little Bub – Fat chance! I’ll take no time in gutting you right here.
Noipros looks at the guard
Howl – No. I…haven’t. I…
Korg blinks in surprise. And then looks up at Noipros and snarls.
Little Bub pushes Noipros towards Korg, and Howl
Korg lunges up and towards Noipros, drawing his sword
Howl – Y-You…you can see him?
Korg – You!
Korg – Wh-What? Of course I can see him.
Little Bub – I found this one outside of the gates. I knew you’d just love to see him.
Noipros coughs softly
Noipros – The…chaos…
Little Bub grins under his mask. He gives a slight nod to Noipros before returning to his post
Howl – SEE HIM. CUT HIM… Claw him to bits. That’s what we Charr do, isn’t it, Noipros?
Noipros acknowledges the nod.
Howl draws his blade
Noipros – Howl…
Howl – YOU!
Howl shakes all over like a leaf
Noipros – I’ve…lost…everything…
Korg – Not everything. Not yet.
Noipros – Howl… the Mordrem… Don’t ignore them…
Little Bub grabs his arm and lifts him to his feet
Little Bub – Would you like me to throw this muck in the slammer?
Korg snarls at Noipros. He then turns to Little Bub
Howl – No.
Korg – No.
Howl – No no no.
Korg – Leave, guard.
Howl – He won’t be staying long.
Little Bub – Wouldn’t it be more fitting to kill him in front of everyone.
Howl growls, low and long
Korg – You kill Lords in front of everyone. You kill scum in front of no one.
Howl – Wouldn’t that be nice, Noipros? The whole world thinking you’re just Mesmering yourself away. Hidden in the world, somewhere…but you’re really rotting away underneath my House. Fodder for the grass. Wouldn’t that…be…nice.
Noipros – Such is the game…
Howl – Didn’t you get my message? The game ended.
Korg – I mean, to be fair, this is almost certainly not even Noipros.
Noipros – I know…friend…
Howl – Friend? You come here, to me…after all these words, and you speak the word…`friend’’ to me?
Noipros – The sword…that’s Tyberious’s sword isn’t?
Howl’s lip twitches
Howl – Yes it is.
Noipros – Fitting…
Howl – (sneers) Oh? How so?
Korg – Guard. Leave.
Little Bub – Use him as an example.
Korg – Your objection to us killing this traitor has been noted. Leave. Now.
Little Bub – Very well.
Korg closes the door
Noipros – That blade… My father died by that blade…
Howl – Oh, not just yours, Noipros. Did you ever wonder how he died?
Noipros – I don’t care how he died… I only care who did it…
Howl grins, showing all his fangs
Howl – He dragged me out on a hunting trip… All the way talking to me about the way of the warrior. How I would grow strong with a blade, like a big…tough…muscley charr…just like him…all the while mocking me… He never…ever approved of my…heh… my ways my…magic…and he kept going on…and on…and on…and then…
Noipros – (chuckles) Are you gonna cry?
Korg punches Noipros in the kidney
Noipros coughs roughly
Howl – He took out this blade and handed it to me…said…what was it…something about how I would someday, you know…eventually make him proud. Like I wasn’t good enough. LIKE I WASN’T PERFECT THE WAY I WAS.
Noipros – I always accepted you…
Howl – So…what I did…is… (chuckles)
Noipros falls, feeling weak
Howl – I took out my pistol. He never let me have bullets in it…but I didn’t need them…
Howl waves a paw, and a phantasm of Howl appears next to him, holding two pistols, and grins
Howl – Sometimes…when you’re hunting…accidents happen.
Noipros – You’ve always had double intentions…
Korg grabs Noipros roughly, covering his mouth
Howl – Let him go, Korg. Stand back.
Korg growls but releases Noipros.
Noipros smirks
Howl – Noipros… Magic… Always…
Noipros – Always…
Howl flicks out a paw, and cast signet of humility
Howl – Prevails.
Noipros clutches his head
Noipros – Aaaaahhh!!! Ahhhh! Squa….
Noipros begins to grow feathers…
Little Bub, upon hearing the squawk busts through the door unleashing a bellowing roar, smashing the door from its hinges
Noipros – Ann…
Howl’s surprised
Noipros – SQUAWK!
Little Bub picks up Korg and throws him into Howl, picking Noipros up and fleeing as fast as possible.
Howl – NO! NO!!!
Howl screams
Howl – NO!!!!!!!!!!
Little Bub is screaming at Noipros.
Little Bub – That almost got you killed, you fool! Thank Dwayna I was around!
Noipros – I had to know…
Howl sinks his blade into a pillar next to him.
Korg – He will die another day.
Howl – I had him.
Korg – This is the third time.
Howl – I had him…
Korg places his paws on Howl’s shoulders
Korg – Next time…just let me kill him…and his head will be my gift to you, love.
Howl – Get the men assembled. Get them moving.
Korg – It will be done. Tomorrow.
Howl – I want that establishment built.
Korg – They will be.
Howl – I am so…tired…of this. The Game really is over…
Korg – No… The game isn’t until one person wins…or all players give up.
Howl – Fine. The Game’s not over.
Howl turns to look at Korg, his eye hard
Howl – But I will be the one to end it.
Korg – We.
Howl – W-
Howl sighs
Howl – We. Sorry.
Korg chuckles
Korg – No offense was caused
Korg gives a lick on the cheek.
Howl sighs again, deflating...frowning.
Howl – Take me to bed, Korg… Take me away.
Korg – I will shelter you in my arms, my love. Come…let us retire.
Korg offers a paw and Howl takes it

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