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G.O.T - We Are One



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G.O.T - We Are One

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Viseron flutters his eyes open, his head spinning.
Viseron – Wh…Who is that?
Primordus – Arise. It is your time.
Viseron feels no pain, yet her remembers all that occurred
Viseron – Who’s there? Where am I?
Primordus – You are in my domain. You are in my mind. You are my mind. I am your mind. I am you. You are me. We are one.
Viseron looks around, wondering where the voice is coming from.
Primordus – There is no need to wonder, you are in my mind. My mind. Our mind. I summon you. Finish the duty you were born to do.
Viseron – Duty? Who is this? Who commands the King?
Primordus – I am your God. I am you. I am Primordus.
Viseron – (laughs) Primordus? PRIMORDUS? Is this a prank? My dead loser of a father told me about you to scare me at night.
Primordus – You should be right to be scared of me. I and your God. I am you. You are me. We are ONE.
Viseron – I don’t know what game this is, but I’ll follow along.
Primordus – (note: Missed first part) vessel. Your mother called me. I am you. You are me. We are one.
Viseron – My mother? My mother hated the stories about you and the other Elder Dragons.
Primordus – Your mother is not who you think she is.
Viseron is confused, and begins to wonder if this is all really happening.
Viseron – P-Prove your power…
Viseron whimpers and a sensation of dread casts over him.
Primordus – As you see fit.
Noipros – The one…true…king.
Howl – All…hail.
Viseron – You… How did you?
Noipros – The true…leader…
Howl – Hail to the king.
Primordus – Look at them. Feel the rage flow through you.
Noipros – Pretender King
Howl – What king are you?
Noipros – Foolish mistake….
Howl – Maybe… I’ll be king instead.
Viseron – Begone!
Noipros – Product of incest…
Viseron – Stop this madness! I-Incest?
Noipros & Howl laugh
Noipros laughs deepers
Noipros – We are the true kings…
Primordus – You can stop it. Do it. Kill them
Howl – Can’t do it. He’s scared.
Viseron – W-What… What is this.
Howl – (Laughs) He’s a coward… Puny welp.
Noipros – We will rule.
Primordus – Are you a coward? Do this first test.
Noipros – We will be king of the ashes… We…
Howl – Will…
Primordus – Gain their power. Gain my power. I gain your power. I gain their power. I am your power. I am all power.
Noipros – Rule.
Howl – We are one.
Noipros – We are one.
Howl – Two souls, one soul.
Noipros – Two minds, one mind.
Viseron lunges forward in a blurred frenzy, attacking the two that taunted him for so long in his life.
Viseron – STOP THIS!
Noipros laughs
Viseron – STOP! STOP! STOP!
Viseron cries
Viseron – Go…Go
Howl flickers in the smoke
Howl – Fool.
Noipros – Do you not see?
Primordus – Do it. Do it. Gain their power. Gain it. Feel it. Feed off it.
Noipros – We are one soul.
Howl – You are none.
Viseron – I… I am the King.
Noipros – Noipros…
Howl – Howl…
Viseron – I am your King. I command you…. Begone!
Howl – True kings.
Noipros – We will be the only ones left…
Viseron – You will never survive. You will never endure! I say again, as your King, BEGONE!
Howl smirks
Noipros – Begone…???
Noipros burns alive
Noipros – Hahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!
Primordus – You did it. You are power. You have power. I have power. We have power. You are me. I am you. We are one.
Rhaenara – Viseron? Viseron. Wake up. Viseron!
Viseron opens his eyes, to the vision of his Aunt.
Viseron – Aunt Rhaenara? Wh-What’s going…
Rhaenara - Viseron, wake up. Viseron, my son, it's time for you to rule the kingdom.

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