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G.O.T - The Boneyard



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G.O.T - The Boneyard

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Matithias arrives with his crew on the beaches of Orr. A ship pulls to the sand and a platoon of soldiers hop out to secure the area. The land of Orr is not as dangerous as it once was but the presence of the undead still lingers. He commands his troops to refurbish an abandoned pack base.
Matithias – I want these walls fortified before my feet dry! Lierrn, I want you to oversee the camp supplies. Make sure we are stocked and prepared for anything.
Lierrn salutes
Lierrn – Yes, sir. Permission to speak freely, sir?
Matithias – Speak.
Lierrn – It’s just that…there’s been talk, and the soldiers have been complaining. They don’t understand what we’re doing here. Sir, what are we doing here?
Matithias – You know coming to Orr feels a bit like coming home to me. I suppose it’s more appropriate now than ever.
Lierrn raises her eyebrows very slightly but doesn’t say anything.
Matithias – My parents met here. They were just kids at the time. They didn’t know much of anything, they just knew that there was a dragon and that their kingdom needed them.
Lierrn – You parents were soldiers, here, Sir?
Matithias – They were. My mother was a captain. My father was a blacksmith.
Lierrn – I…see. Are we here to find them? Sir?
Matithias – No no, I wouldn’t trouble you with that. They passed quite some time ago.
Lierrn – I’m sorry to hear that, sir.
Matithias – But I’m not just telling you that for no reason. You see, before my father passed, I was his apprentice. He taught me almost everything he knew, but he was called back into action before he was able to teach me one last trick. No, we are here so I can do my father proud. So I can accomplish a task he only ever dreamed of perfecting.
Lierrn – What’s that, sir?
Matithias – You’ll see when I get back.
Lierrn looks defeated.
Lierrn – Of course, sir. (salutes)
Matithias – I’m going on a little expedition on my own. You are acting commander until I return. Understood?
Lierrn – Understand, Sir Matithias! (salutes)
Matithias stops and prepares himself for battle
Lierrin – Hail, traveler.
Matithias – Uh…hello? You are, not like most undead are you?
Lierrin – I am like every other risen in Orr. When the dragon died, our will were returned to us. I have no memory of my former life, but I have no desire to harm the living. But…you’re not living, are you?
Matithias – Smell it on me, can you?
Lierrin - …Something like that. You are undead, but you are not of the dragon. What are you doing in Orr?
Matithias – Perhaps you can help me. I’m looking for the dragon.
Lierrin – You’ve found it.
Lierrin gestures to the bones around them. Matithias looks around the large cave and sees nothing but bones.
Matithias – Excellent.
He pulls out rusttooth. Lierrin watches impassively. Matithias runs his hands over a larger skull embeddid in the ground.
Matithias - Let’s get started
He begins to saw into the bones

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