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G.O.T - Truth Seeking

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Vialeth – Pelumba! You got my note!
Pelumba – Vialeth! Is that really you?
Vialeth – I…yes. I thought it would be safe to trust you. Was I right?
Pelumba looks around and grabs Vialeth’s arm and pull her towards the pillar.
Pelumba – What are you doing here?
Vialeth – I don’t think…I can tell you that. But I don’t mean anyone any harm. Have you been well? Have the other guards?
Pelumba – The other… Yes, yes we’re all fire, but what are you  doing out in the open?! Do you know what would happen if you were seen? Of followed?! I shouldn’t even be talking to you right now! I shouldn’t even be talking to you right now!
Vialeth – I’m being careful. I have…a bit of magic I’m using. I won’t get you into trouble, Pelumba, that’s not why I’m here. But I need information.
Pelumba – Well I am glad to see you, and unharmed at that. What do you need?
Vialeth – I need to know what I’m getting myself into. I’ve heard only…rumors, of what’s been happening in Divinity’s Reach, but nothing definite. And if you know the location of King Viseron… I’m not here to hurt him, I swear it! I just need to know where he is.
Pelumba – The king? I’m afraid I don’t know, I haven’t heard word of him for some time.
Vialeth – That’s all right. I’ll find out…somehow. But what’s happened here? Things are…everyone seems on edge.
Pelumba – Oh yes, I suppose things would seem off it you haven’t been here for a while…
Vialeth – They say…that Lord Noipros is king, now?
Pelumba – Yes, Lord Noipros and Lady Targarian were wed, but there was a terrible… I mean to say… At the reception, the building collapsed in on itself, a fire I’m told. All the nobles that attended were killed.
Vialeth – That’s awful! And…terribly suspicious, I think.
Pelumba – I think you and I can put together what probably REALLY happened, but there’s no proof.
Vialeth – There wouldn’t be, I imagine. But Rha…Queen Rhaemara was unharmed?
Pelumba – She and Noipros were elsewhere at the time, as far as I know she’s fine.
Vialeth – Thank the Pale Tree.
Pelumba – Actually I saw her not too long ago.
Vialeth – Did you? How is she? Noipros hasn’t…done anything to her, has he?
Pelumba – She seemed very...what’s the word… Displeased? Like she wasn’t happy to be there. But who could blame here? I doubt Lord Noipros was at the top of her list.
Vialeth – Of course he wasn’t! But Ko- I think he lied to her to get her to marry him. And I’m here to disprove that lie.

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