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G.O.T - The Duchess of Snow

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Servant – L-Lady Taiga, wake up. I have bad news to tell you.
Melissa looks down at her with a tired expression and ticked off.
Melissa – Yes? What is it you woke me up for this time?
Servant – I am afraid tell you that, umm, your mother and father…just died on their quest to kill the dragon, Jormag. I am very sorry My Lady. But I was requested to ask that we immediately make you the new ruler of Hoelbrak.
Melissa – I cannot believe it. You waking me up to play another prank on me. If this is a prank, then you have a bad taste of them, my parents are the best hunters in the country, how could they just be defeated that easily?
Servant – I am not joking my lady, honest, I am deeply sorry for your loss, we need a new ruler and that is you.
Melissa slams her fist down onto the bed, breaking it in half, mixture of feeling sad and angry.
Melissa – JORMAG!!! He kills hundreds of my people relentless, and now my parents, he will pay.
Melissa stands up and puts on her coat.
Melissa – Servant, where are the guards who went with them? Any survivors?
Servant – I am afraid only one has survived and he was the one who told us.
Melissa – And where may I find this soldier of mine?
Servant – His is in critical condition at the Great Lodge, we are doing all we can to save him my lady. My lady? If I may ask what I can do for you, well since your family is well…
Melissa – Tears are for later servant, I was taught to take action and not cry. I have later time to mourn them, as bad as I did not want to be the next ruler and just focus on being a great hunter, I must carry on my family’s will. So, is the soldier awake right now?
Servant – I’m afraid not, my Lady. He passed out after saying the Duke and Duchess of Hoelbrak was dead. We are preparing a party in your honor to be crowned the next Duchess of Hoelbrak.
Melissa – A PARTY!!? I have no time for parties and fancy things, I seek revenge on Jormag… I will feast and drink til my heart is content when he is long and dead. So, does the other Dukes, Duchess’s and the Kingdom know of their passing yet?
Servant – No, why?
Melissa – Good, prefer them not to be here breathing down my back right now. Want to get Hoelbrak back on its feet before we tell the world of me. I will be on my way to the Great Lodge to check on my soldiers condition, you come with me.
                          Scene 2
Wolfborn – Oh my lady, how are you feeling?
Melissa – Not the best, but enough about me, how is the guard who was brought in?
Wolfborn – He just woke up, our healer from Bear treated him.
Melissa breathes a sigh of relief
Melissa – Is he able to have visitors talk to him right now? I like to know something.
Wolfborn – Yes, but not long visits, make it short.
Melissa nods and goes to find him
Valla – Oh, my Lady, you doing alright?
Melissa – I was told you knew where the guard who fought alongside my parents was, where I can I find him?
Valla – Oh, did the Wolfborn tell you? We took him to Bear to rest, he fell asleep as they we’re carrying him out, if you want to see him…you might should wait till tomorrow.
Melissa – Alright, my questions will have to wait then, his recovery is needed, he might know something to help me defeat Jormag.
Melissa ponders
Melissa – So, do my people know of their rulers demise?
Valla – No, just me, the servant who I sent to you and a few other knights.
Melissa – I see…very well then. Keep me posted on the guards condition, I need think and process all that has happened.
Valla – Okay my Lady, take care and rest well.

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