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G.O.T - The False King's Escape



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G.O.T - The False King's Escape

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Howl the servant clears his throat, and walks straight into the court, his pointed noise stuck up in the air.
Noipros – Can I…help you?
Howl bows
Noipros – Queen Targaryen. And King Noipros
Howl – Apologies, your Grace.
Howl bows
Noipros – Better.
Rhaenara – All is well, charr.
Rhaenara side eyes Noipros
Howl – I am an envoy formally sent to the Queen, and…King, and the Court of Divinity’s Reach on behalf of House Fauxfang. 
Noipros shrugs
Noipros – Oh?
Howl bows
Rhaenara ponders
Noiros – And?
Rhaenara feels her blood boil at the mention of House Fauxfang.
Howl – Yes. I have a formal message to be relayed by my Lord, the Duke Howl Fauxfang, the Humble.
Noipros laughs
Noipros – Humble?
Howl – That was my input to relay.
Noipros – Oh, sorry, my friend, continue.
Rhaenara looks on, waiting for the message.
Howl stares blankly forward, not looking at either the King or Queen.
Howl – The Duke Howl would like to inform you all the charges against him are false. His Dukeship did in no way harm the King Visceron. That these claims have wounded him deeply, for he only holds the Crown in the highest or regards.
Noipros – Does his dukeship have any proof?
Howl – Yes.
Noipros – Where is it?
Rhaenara – The proof is all on the King’s body!
Howl’s tone is flat
Noipros looks intensively
Howl – The body was left with claw marks. All Charr have claws. The proof of his innocence is the entirety of his Court, his servants, and myself.
Noipros – Did you witness Howl committing the crime?
Howl – I witnessed him in his House the entire week that this crime was committed.
Noipros ponders
Rhaenara – Why would any other charr have the intent to harm the King, but the Duke?
Noipros – You do realize your duke is a Mesmer? With a simple snap of his fingers, he can trick all of you.
Howl – I realize no things, only the Duke has insight. The Duke would also have the Court know that Howl is not the only Mesmer at play.
Noipros crosses his arms
Noipros – The duke must realize which Mesmer plays the game better.
Howl – What Mesmer could benefit from the death of the former King? This humble servant knows not.
Howl turns his blank eyes to Noipros
Noipros – Until the Duke proves his innocence, his is an enemy of the crown.
Rhaenara looks on, listening to the back and forth
Howl – Games? Yes. Howl spoke to me of games to me, before he sent me on his way…
How’s ear twitches
Noipros stares blankly
Howl – He told this humble servant that you broke the game, Noipros. You ruined the fun. He is very sad.
Noipros – Oh is he?
Rhaenara looks at Noipros confusedly.
Noipros – Servant, look at me.
Rhaenara – What do you mean by all this…
Howl’s eyes at Noipros, in his general direction.
Noipros places a gentle hand on his queen’s shoulder.
Noipros – Howl ruined the game years ago when his father killed mine.
Rhaenara freezes up, trying to ease to the King’s touch.
Howl – I have no instruction on this. Your state is irrelevant.
Noipros – As is your message. Leave before I have you escorted.
Howl – Hear me, Court of the Reach…
Noipros crosses his arms, listening carefully.
Howl – The Duke Howl was wrongfully accused. The proof is not. He formally asks that you see reason, and not cast aside the greatest ally to the Crown, the one true loyal amongst all other lords.
Rhaenara adjusts her posture, trying to look as regal as possible.
Howl – His eyes wept for the former King, his eyes weep for the current King, and his eyes weep to see you all turn on his….
Noipros – You know, my queen, this messenger seems awfully like a lawyer.
Howl – The entirely of his House in the Arbor can attest to his innocence, at once you must refute your claim.
Noipros – I did not realize this was a trail.
Howl – We beseech ye. After all, there are greater risks, aren’t there Noipros?
Noipros guards surround the messenger.
Noipros – You’ve overstayed your welcome.
Howl – Are there not….Dragons….to contend with?
Rhaenara freezes at the word `dragons’.
Howl – You have ruined the fun, and now…and now…
Noipros – Guards!
Noipros guards surround and lean close
Rhaenara calls out to the messenger as guards surround him.
Noipros – What…are you…
Noipros sees the messenger’s face distort.
Howl stares into Noipros’ eyes
Rhaenara – Let the Duke know, that H-Noipros?
Noipros – No…I… I love…the game…
Noipros notices the messenger’s fangs elongate, and glows purple. He hears a faint whisper `the game is over’
Noipros – LEAVE! GET OUT!
Howl vanishes. Noipros clutches his head and kneels.
Rhaenara – Guards! Search the Palace! Search the city!
Noipros – Rhaenara….
Noipros headache dissipates
Rhaenara – Noipros, are you well? What was that?
Rhaenara kneels
Noipros – I…I don’t like you very much… You know that?
Rhaenara looks around.
Noipros takes his crown off and holds it in his hands.
Noipros – But. I respect you, enough to tell you what I really want.
Rhaenara chuckles, and says loud enough only for Noipros to hear.
Noipros holds the crown close to his chest.
Rhaenara – I’m glad the feeling is almost mutual. I agree with not liking you.
Rhaenara looks back at the nobility, smiling to indicate that all is well and good.
Noipros – Can we go somewhere private? I need to tell you something.
Noipros takes his queen gently by the hand.
Rhaenara smiles
Noipros – Of course, love.
Noipros free of the sight, of nobles, frowns.
Rhaenara puts a hand idly on her focus.
Rhaenara – Yes?
Noipros – That messenger… He’s reminded me of who I am. Of why I’ve killed, and why I did what I did.
Rhaenara – I could have reminded you of that by showing you where the toilets are.
Noipros chuckles
Noipros – Oh my sweet queen, careful now.
Rhaenara – Just because we are in this together, and because you’ve saved the One True King, don’t presume I don’t know what kind of person you are.
Noipros – You don’t think I’ve noticed have you? At the mere mention of dragons, your expression…changes.
Rhaenara – Well, of course. The sigil of my House is the dragon of my ancestral lands. That messenger could be sending a threat to my House.
Noipros – I’ve worked with the Inquest for years, my love. I can smell dragon energy from miles away. But no, that’s…not what I pulled you here.
Rhaenara looks disinterested.
Noipros – Kudu has stolen from me something very…important.
Rhaenara – A pacifier, perhaps?
Noipros looks irritated
Rhaenara – What is it?
Noipros – A crystal…from Kralkarorik.
Rhaenara tries to control her expressions
Noipros – He’s broken it and I need another. Mordrenach is coming.
Rhaenara laughs
Rhaenara – An Elder Dragon? I did not come here to listen to you joke around.
Noipros – Very well.
Noipros takes the crown in his hand and looks at Rhaenara solemnly.
Noipros – You are just as useless as I thought.
Noipros drops the crown
Rhaenara looks on at the display of foolishness, thinking `almost as pitiful as a centaur who can’t run’
Noipros – I resign as king. Let your kingdom fall part. Mordrenach is all that matters.
Rhaenara – Oh, finally, I can take out all these diapers from the room then.
Noipros – Oh...by the way… I’ve received reports of farmers leaving Queensdale over the expensive tax. Nobles aren’t too happy either… Your kingdom will fall into debt.
Rhaenara – Maybe if we had an intelligent Master of Coin, hmm?
Noipros – We? There is no more we, my love. I have business to attend, and you will not help. Good luck, your grace.
Rhaenara bows
Rhaenara – Make sure to flush yourself on the way out!
Rhaenara calls over the guards.
Rhaenara – Guards, find the Master of Coin. Bring him.
                             Scene 2
Blintoc is messing with his coins.
Noipros gasps for air
Rhaenara’s guards are running around outside.
Noipros – Raza, Blintoc, collect your things.
Raza – My Lord, welco- By Grenth, what happened?
Blintoc – What? Why?
Noipros – Don’t ask questions. Just do it! Go, collect your notes.
Blintoc – Are we going on a vacation?
Raza is panicking
Noipros looks around frantically
Noipros – Yes. Yes we are.
Blintoc ponders
Blintoc – Seems irresponsible.
Noipros – Get your things!
Blintoc – Also, we can’t afford a vacation.
Rhaenara’s guards outside `Where are the Masters of Coin and Whispers?’
Raza gets some files
Noipros slams the table
Noipros – Now!
Raza – Should we burn the rest?
Noipros – Yes. Start a fire.
Blintoc – Well, good golly, Mr. Noipros, you seem quite in a rush. Maybe you should calm down.
Noipros kicks the box and Blintoc falls down
Raza starts a small fire
Noipros – Do it what I say now, or you’ll die. Please. Go.
Noipros grabs Blintoc and carries him out
Rhaenara’s guards run toward the fire, ignoring Noipros, and run to alert the Queen.
Raza looks back at the rising flames, laughing
Blintoc – Mr. Noipros! Who is this lady?
Rhaenara – Guards, you fools! Clean up this mess!
Blintoc – She seems like a bad guy.
Noipros – Hush.
Blintoc ponders
Blintoc – Er…girl.
Rhaenara – The bastard did it after all.
Noipros puts his hand over Blintoc’s mouth.
Blintoc – Shush? SHUSH?!
Noipros – Nice work, Raza.
Blintoc bites with his sharp point teeth.
Noipros recoils.
Rhaenara – Guards, ground all airships and blockade the docks. No one leaves or enters the city.
Raza gives a huge, unsettling grin to Noipros
Blintoc – Now I have had quite enough of this nonsense!
Rhaenara looks on at the war room, in ruins.
Blintoc – What is the meaning of this?!
Noipros kneels and grabs Blintoc by the collar.
Noipros – Listen to me! We are no longer welcome here.
Blintoc – What did you do?!
Noipros – Nothing. Blin, nothing.
Blintoc – Sounds like it.
Noipros – Listen, we have to go. Back to Rata Sum.
Blintoc – No! I have an important job to do!
Raza – Oh thank the gods…
Noipros – You’ve done your job.
Blintoc – What?
Noipros – You’ve done it well.
Blintoc – I mean, I know.
Noipros – We need to return to Rata Sum and from there, to the Dragonbrand.
Blintoc – But don’t know why I would stop now.
Noipros – Maybe in the future, Blin, but for now… We leave.
Blintoc scowls
Raza – The guards, Noipros…
Noipros – Come closer, guys. Let’s get out of here.
Blintoc sulks.
Noipros creates a portal to Queendale.

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