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Game of Thorns



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Game of Thorns

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Emote: Howl sits on his throne room, alone, picking something out of his teeth.
Emote: Korg Stomps into the throne, fuming.
Korg - Howl. We have a problem.
Howl – Ah, hello the…what?
Korg - Noipros has accused us of attacking Viseron. He married Lady Targareyen, and is now regent of all Tyria.
Howl’s mouth twitches
Howl – He…he what?
Howl Blinks. Breathing intensifies
Howl – That…rat-faced…PIG BASTARD!
Korg - Agreed
Korg – Howl
Howl – I WILL I- WHAT?
Korg – Try to calm down. We need a plan.
How’s face is wild
Howl – Plan?
Korg – Yes.
Howl – I WILL…. I WILL… I…
Howl seems to notice Korg, as it for the first time.
Howl – I…
Howl takes a deep breath
Howl – Yes, that would seem…to make SENSE.
Howl Growls. 
Korg tentatively places a hand on Howl’s shoulder. 
Howl trembles in rage.
Howl – I will…rip his fucking head off…
Korg – Surely you will…but for now, it is the Royal army we need to worry about. And more, besides.
Howl – And he…he has…he has…a royal…fucking…army. How grand. How grand for dear Noipros.
Korg – Reports are scattered…but I have heard whispers… Lucas Winchester is dead. Undoubtedly Noipros will appoint a loyal thrall in the Grove. And undoubtedly he has much power in Rata Sum.
Howl – (growls) Oh, of course, he will, of course… Right then. Oh, Noipros, `this’ is not how we do things, this is `beneath’ us…
Korg takes a deep breath
Korg – Also…
Howl – What?
Korg – It seems a large number of the nobles in Reach were killed as well. An accidental fire, as they say…though we know how true that is.
Howl – (laughs) Oh, but of course. But of course.
Korg – Whatever you once thought of Noipros…he is an enemy now…and a base and gauche one at that.
Howl – To say the LEAST! Very well…yes…fine. FINE NOIPROS. You don’t wanna play the game anymore? Very well. Let’s see how you like my wrath.
Korg – I have some basic plans…if you with them.
Howl – Oh, I do too…but speak.
Korg – We need to have our name cleared of this baseless accusation…strip Noipros of his lands, titles, and power once again. And then…we need to prepare for the storm to come.
Howl – We need to `strip’ him of FLESH FROM HIS BODY! (growls)
Korg – We need both the Norn and Pinky.
Howl – I know we do.
Howl’s lip twitches. Howl’s eyes glance off to the side.
Howl – Vialeth!
Vialeth – Squawk?
Howl removes Vialeth from her moa form immediately
Korg – The Norn should be here too.
Vialeth – Duke Howl? What is it?
Howl – Yes, I will get the damn Norn.
Vialeth – Is something wrong?
Korg – Silence. We will explain soon.
Howl takes out a coin and fiddles with it.
Howl – Damn…useless…fucking…thing!
Draugr Brandrsson appears out of the shadows quietly, holding the coin, his face solemn.
Draugr – Duke.
Vialeth is surprised.
Howl – There you are. Oh. Draugr, Vialeth, Vialeth, Draugr.
Vialeth – Is…is this safe?
Korg – You two, we have grave news.
Howl – Let him `try’ anything. I am in no mood.
Draugr looks over the sylvari, his face betrays nothing.
Howl grinds his teeth.
Vialeth nods, giving her attention to Korg.
Draugr then turns to study Howl, his eyes traces, taking in microdetails.
Korg – Noipros has accused us of attacking Viseron, almost killing the King. He has married Lady Targareyen under these false pretenses, and is acting as standing King.
Howl – (growls) Fucking Noipros.
Draugr – Hmph, should have killed him when we had the chance.
Vialeth – Noipros! So…that’s what this was all about, then. He just wanted the throne for himself.
Howl – Oh, YOU THINK?
Korg – Howl. Come down.
Howl growls, clenching and unclenching his fists.
Draugr stands with his arms crossed, his weigh shifted onto his right foot, his face relatively impassive.
Korg – Vialeth…unless the Duke sees fit to assign you another task, I plan for you to find out the truth about Viseron. If possible, find where he is.
Vialeth – As..as a moa?
Korg – Under the circumstances, I think you as you will be more effective. If barely.
But if you wish to be a moa…
Howl through gritted teeth, but, calmer.
Howl – Can you…remain…undetected…as yourself?
Vialeth – I…I think I can.
Korg – You better. For your sake.
Draugr – Hmm…see me before you leave Vialeth, I can help with that.
Vialeth – I’ll do my best. I’d…I’d like not to go back.
Korg – To being a Moa?
Howl – And our’s (growled)
Korg – Or to go back to Reach?
Vialeth – Oh! I didn’t mean… I meant to being a moa. I…I’ll do as you ask.
Korg – Good. That is good. Draugr.
Draugr – Hmm?
Korg – If they take these steps, then military action is not beyond
(Missed these parts)
Howl – No. I have plans for Draugr.
Draugr – No, I’d imagine not.
Korg – If they enter our swamp, I want you to show them the full pesti-
Howl – I have plans for the Norn.
Draugr raises an eyebrow
Howl – Draugr.
Draugr – Duke.
Howl – Do you have… `Howl takes a very deep breath, and manages a sardonic smile… Do you have any fellow Norn you can draw upon?
Draugr thinks for a moment
Draugr – I have some people that will do me a few favors…how many do you need and for what purpse?
Howl - Loyal, trustworthy ones?
Draugr grits his teeth
Draugr – Yes.
Howl – How many can you get?
Draugr – How many do you want?
Howl – At least twenty.
Draugr – Hmm… I can get half that, but they’re good.
Howl – (growls) Fine
Korg – How about those who would be loyal for four walls, a roof, and food in their bellies?
Howl – I want you to gather these men, and take them to Gendarran. Take them…someplace…(sigh)…someplace…out-of-the way.
Korg – I have an idea.
Howl – What?
Draugr – They would be trash, gutter sitters, the Norn do not tolerate weakness, those who work for such simple means are either tired or weak. The first is acceptable, the second, shameful.
Howl – No. Ten loyal, good folk that we can trust.
Draugr – I can get you those
Howl – Excellent. Yes. Good.
Korg – Go to Mrot Boru…in Brisban. A short march west of there you will find the ruins of Fort Koga.
Howl – Fort Koga?
Korg – It has some ghosts, but they are mostly docile.
Howl ponders. Draugr’s eyes glitter at the implication
Korg – But its stone walls. And defensible terrain.
Howl – Go there, under the pretence of being refugees from….
Howl ponders
Korg – From Jormag.
Howl – You are refugees who’s village were burned by Svanir… (grunts) `Or’ Jormag.
Draugr – They disguise as a mercenary group, the bandits of the area provide all the reason they need to be there, they can disguise themselves as that. No Norn would run so far from Jormag.
Korg – How? Is that acceptable to you?
Howl – (Growls louder) Fine.
Draugr – The calls will take perhaps twenty minutes, then I wait. What should I do in the mean time?
Howl - `Establish’ yourselves, and await further instruction. Meantime? Get ready to move. Pack.
Vialeth – Wait…Draugr? You said you could help me…say hidden somehow.
Draugr – Ah yes, one moment.
He reaches into his pack and rummages around, he pulls out a dark stone, he pauses, holding it for a second, then he tosses it to Vialeth.
Draugr – Attach that to a pendant.
Vialeth – A pendant? What will it do?
Draugr – Speak the words Noxus to activate it, and Luxus to deactivate it. Shadows will cling to you and so long as you avoid the light, none shall see you. I cannot do anything about noise but that should help at least a little.
Vialeth – Thank you. I don’t know who you are, or what you do for Howl, but…you have my gratitude.
Draugr – Be careful how much you use though, it must recharge on moonlight and is good for a total of about two hours walking around  once charged.
Vialeth – (nods) Understood.
Howl – Draugr. I am very angry now. But, heed my words.
Emote: His fists still shake lightly.
Howl – Your…mate… What is his name?
Draugr – Tora.
Howl – Tora. If you do this for me. If you do this… Mark my words. There will be no man, Charr, Sylvari, Norn or Asura in Tyria… Who could bring him to harm. Do you understand me? He will be untouchable.
Draugr relaxes ever so slightly.
Draugr – I undersand.
Howl – Good. Well? Anything else?
Draugr looks at Howl strangely but says nothing.
Korg – Well, then… you two know what you’re doing. Go do it.
Vialeth bows. 
Korg salutes. 
Howl still fumes, silently. 
Korg nods at Draugr. 
Draugr steps back into the shadows and is gone, he nods respectfully to Korg
Vialeth – I’ll find Viseron. And I’ll find out the truth. Good luck, until then.
Korg – Good luck.
Korg waits until Vialeth is gone and as Draugr to make sure
Korg – Howl
Howl – What?
Korg – Who is your military commander? We need a plan.
Howl – Who else, you fool? You are.
Korg – (blinks) Very well..do I have your permission to move forward?
Howl – Yes, yes, do whatever.
Howl let’s out a very frustrated sound, and kicks over his throne. Breathes heavily. Korg hesistates for a moment…and then he hugs Howl from behind.
Korg – It’ll be okay, my love.
Howl lets out…another sound. A sob?
Howl – Why don’t…we just…we just… Leave…
Korg – Just you and me?
Howl nods, deflating. Korg lets go of Howl long enough to move in front of Howl. How’s eyes are teary. Korg hugs Howl again.
Korg – Its play, my beautiful dear… I will not allow anything to harm you…and…besides, I promised you a crown…not the life of a fugitive.
Howl – You…will make me…king. That is what you said to me…
Korg – I will do it.
Howl is quiet for a moment.
Howl – For me…there would be no queen though, I do not…I do not…like women… What…what will they call you then, I wonder…?
Howl nestles his face in Korg’s shoulders.
Korg – Well…if his Kingship would have me…they will call me whatever he tells them to call me.
Howl - …Beloved. Korg… K-Korg…  I…
His eyes fill with fear.
Howl – I… I-I… I..I-I… (pant) I….looove…you…
Korg kisses Howl…long and deep…before pulling back.
Korg – I see you now…my beauty…a great king…with a crown of brilliant crystal.
Howl lays his head on Korg’s shoulder, and sighs.
Howl – I don’t need a crown…I… (quietly) just need you.
Holds Howl, mocking him gently.

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