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Lucas Winchester's Backstory.

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Lucas Winchester's Backstory.

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Name= Lucas Winchester. Age= 17. Birthday= October 6th. Race= Human/Margonite(Demon) The Margonites are the primary demonic servants of Abaddon. Before the Exodus of the Gods, the Margonites were humans that Abaddon later transformed into ethereal demons. In their demonic form, the Margonites have a natural life span that has been seen to reach to over one thousand years, as evidenced by Lord Jadoth's being older than 1076 years. According to The Lost, their long life and demonic powers come at the price of sterility, thus the Margonites can only increase their numbers by transforming others into Margonites. Margonites, even after their demonic transformation, are capable of individual thinking. Two examples of this are The Lost and Apostate, who decided to betray Abaddon. Lucas tends to be cold hearted and care only for himself, he appears to be evil on the outside and love destruction and killing others. On the inside he is a big softie who cares for others and wants to fit in. He has taking a liking to, two charr. Tyberious Fauxfang and his son Howl Fauxfang. He was severly injured and barely able to move when Tyberious found him on the side of a street in Plains of Ashford on his way home from a war in his Blood Leigon platoon. Tyberious was a new Tribune who like his father before him, showed potential to be a great leader and strong foe to their enemies. Him and Lucas formed a strong bond. He later met Howl by accadient at a local tavern and became somewhat close to him. He has a elder sister named Melissa Elizabeth Winchester who is just like him, but has embraced the evil within herself and became truly evil. During Lucas's accadient, the one Tyberious found him in, he had lost almost his entire memory. He only remembered his birthday, his age, his name and a bit of the orphanage that raised him. He is just remembering some things he did when he was younger, he killed over 100 kids his age in a fire accadiently while trying to kill his foster father who happened to be a respected guy by the nobles and the Queen herself. Though they won't know what he did to the children behind closed doors. He was a short tempered man who hated the job for taking care of kids. Though to keep his image in society, he pretended to be the nice care giver and protector of all homeless children across Kryta. He would beat them with anything he could get his hands on, rather it be a belt, a metal frying pan, a crow bar or any other thing. He would pick up his burning sword he used to fight off bandits at night that would be repairing over a fire to burn the kids or he just stick an old iron rod and burn them in places not visible to the eye and he would make them wear heavy clothing to cover up what he did when others came to adopt them. If a person wanted to and saw the markings, to keep from getting in trouble and to at least in their eyes save one child from a Hellish torment, they took their chosen child and left without a word. Lucas and his older sister were found outside the outskirts of Cursed shore wearing barely anything by Captain Logan Thackery and taken to Divinitys Reach for treatment. Logan took a interest in the kids, but his work kept him from properly caring for them both so the Queen suggested her good friend, Greg Polar to take them in. For some odd reason, Greg never did harm girls physically, only mentally. He was a insecure man who hated being bullied by stronger men growing up as a child and still got bullied a bit so he took his stress out on future grown man, the male children. He would even kill some if they rebelled to much against him and threatened to tell the Seraph Guard of what he did to them. Lucas was born from a powerful Margonite clan ruler along with his sister who we're killed by a high Priestess who worshipped Dwayna. He was not use to his new powers emerging and one night, during one of his nightmarish beatings, he was fed up. Greg sent his sister to go get him some well water so he could bathe before bed. Lucas without knowing it, his anger that built deep within him sparked a black flame that caused the house to catch fire. It lit near a stove and it exsploded, killing all inside but him. He was not affected by his own powers. His sister, Melissa heard the exsplosion and ran off to see what happened and saw her brother, standing covered in ash in a pile of ashes. She dusted him off, already knowing what they're powers could do, she realized that they needed to flee and get out before they we're caught. Soon, they learned that Lucas was a demon and his sister and blamed Lucas for what had happened and started calling him ''The Demon Child.'' And he became wanted. His sister even though they want her dead to, a local and trusted neighbor was talking to her at the well in town when it happened so her name was cleared. Melissa, being her little brothers keeper, told Lucas to split up from her and to run, run deep into the woods and don't look back. Melissa saw the Seraph Guards coming their way and being a prodigy to her craft she took them on alone and killed them all, giving her brother time to escape. He lived a life of solitude and guilt. He searched everywhere for his lost sister but never found her. Few years later, at age 14, he was spotted by a Ash Tribune Leader and was attacked. He knew of him from the wanted posters and tried to remove him from the Charr's native lands. Around 12 hours later of thinking he was dead, Tyberious took pity on him and saved him. Even though Tyberious knew of who and what he was, he still saw him as a kid who could use a second chance in life. Though Lucas when he woke up to find Tyberious he lossed his memory. Little by little, he regains it, but now that he finally knows the full truth. All who try to care for him are pushed away, for fear he might kill them to or get them involved into something bad. Now, he sits alone in a prison cell, awaiting exsecution for his crimes. Lucas's phrase, taught to him by his parents as teachings of God Abaddon is  "act with magic, act within reason, act without mercy" He also has ties with the Jungle Dragon Mordermoth.

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