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Roleplay Events

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Roleplay Events

Post by Melissa Cat on Sat Mar 05, 2016 9:32 pm

I have been wanting to host rp events but have no one who is willing to go to any I host. I am posting this to get people to know what days I plan on it. Mondays through Thursdays at 10 Eastern, my time. Rules for my rp are, no erp, take it to pm or your party chat with whomever. If you don't know what erp is, it's erotic role play. Be respectful of who is there and their type of rp they do, no one can tell others how to rp unless they want to learn from you, then it's fine. You can be demons, angels, reapers or what ever you like in your rp story, just don't make it impossible to kill you. For exsample ( My demon characters all share the same weakness's, they can die if their soul stone is shattered, their wings torn off, or their heart ripped from their chest) For Vampires, you can also be immortal but go along with a movie such as Twilight, Dracula and those things for weakness's. Angels can die a similar way than a demon, cause demons are considered fallen angels. Reapers you can make one up, still stuck on mine. And last rule, allow other rpers from other guilds to join in. We don't want to be snobs, it will open up doors to become friends with others and have the opportunity to recruit them.

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