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Firebase X-Ray


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Firebase X-Ray

Post by drunkin soul on Wed Feb 03, 2016 3:20 pm

I don't usally show my stories to anyone, sometimes the GF, most times not.
This is the orginal I wrote while hiding from that dam controler thats been hunting me for two days now. (I'm out of svd ammo thats why it's still alive hunting me but thats another story) I re-wrote this many times but decided I liked the original best, tho I did add a bit on the end.
I been out of the military almost thirty years now, I'm old and tryed my best to remember the correct termilogly and radio protocall, I never had to call in a air strike or fire mission in my tens years of service. Tho I heard it many times during live fire exercise's and never recived live incoming, except for that one time back in '82 when those acid headed fools who raced acrosss the range that evening and fired a bust from a .50 cal at the tankers on the line. that was a sigh seeing six M-60 A2's all travase their turrets at once tracking that apc. Good thing it was U.S. the germans probley would had sent a round or two down range after them.
Spelling and grammer will probley suck, deal with it.
Add your own sound effects.

Day Break

Firebase x-ray, Outpost Darango fire mission grid alpha, papa 55. Outpost Darango, firebase X-ray, roger Apha Papa 55, rounds on the way.

Outpost Darango Firebase X-ray, down 100 left 75 fire for effect. Firebase X-ray Outpost Darango, roger rounds out.

Outpost Darango Firebase X-ray, down 50, outpost darango, roger rounds out.

Outpost Darango Firebase X-ray, down 100 danger close, repete danger close

outpost darango understood danger close, rounds out.

Firebase x RPG'S! Oh my god they got the 50! they're in the wire….

Outpost darango repete message

firebase x-ray, we're being over run, they're in the wire, oh god, they're every where. Fire on our postion don't let them take us alive.

Outpost darango do I understand you wish us to fire on your own position?

Oh god x-ray fire on us, please.. kill us, we're almost out of ammo don't let them take us alive, please..


Firebase x-ray this is madkatt leader, we're a flight of four 18's, we heard the convo, anything we can do?

Madkatt leader firebase x-ray whats your load out?

Firebase x-ray madkatt leader, we're loaded with snake and nape

madkatt leader firebase x-ray whats you position?

Heading 143 direct to your position 6 minutes out

firebase x-ray madkatt leader, outpost darango is heading 247 from our position 3 min. drop everything you got on their position, their're being over run. May god rest their souls.

Madkatt leader firebase x-ray, roger understood, dropping everything on their position.

Madkatt leader to madkatt flight, arm hot, follow my lead drop on my target all munitions.

Four F/A 18's come screaming down from thirty five thousand feet across the jungle's tree tops and drop their ordnance and scream back up into the clear blue morning.

Madkatt leader firebase x-ray we dropped all we had. Madkatt leader firebase x-ray can you do a quick BDA?

Madkatt leader firebase x-ray, roger

two F/A 18's break of from the group circling over head and come back down towards outpost darango, the flight lead and his wingman

madkatt leader firebase x-ray, nothing could had live though that firestorm sorry firebase x-ray nothing was left alive down there.

Firebase x-ray madkatt leader thank you for your help, firebase x-ray out

madkatt leader firebase x-ray, roger, out

madkatt leader to madkatt flight, lets go to the boat

the four 18's turn southeast, after burners lighting up they clawed for the safety of the sky.

Capt Grod turned from watching the jets leave to looking out from his firebase towards where outpost darango was, watching the smoke in the far distance come up and spread out over the tops of the jungle trees, a teared rolled downed his left cheek, his friend, a combat engineer, Sgt drunkin soul was down there at that outpost, he wiped the tear away turning to his men, who were already policing up the spent shells and getting ready for the next fire mission.

The morning already was going to fucking hell, fast and it was only 0545

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