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The Atlas of Ascension (250 years ago) [OPEN RP]


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The Atlas of Ascension (250 years ago) [OPEN RP]

Post by Mika on Sun Nov 22, 2015 3:38 am

I N T E R L U D E250 years ago

Long ago...
when the dragons slept...
There were other dangers facing tyria...

Not only in tyria, the war in Cantha between the Luxon and the Kurzick wich both were striving for victory, 
In an endless discrimination of religious belief the afflicted rose. 
Shiro, a man trapped as a spirit faught to be free.
The Demon Lich had awoken and cursed the mighty prince Rurik into nothing but his own toy.
On top of that, a forsaken god named Abbadon being a threat to whole Elona, 
with nothing but despair for the weak tried to break free from his eternal shackles.

Long ago, when everything was prophesied. 
Stories were told, and retold. 
A vision of glint, The eldest dragon. 
is not something you take for granted.
And then the story of one hero, one of the few windhunters, 
a girl named Veryl.

She was a ranger with a tremendous damage output to her foes.
The enemy had to force themselves through her pet, 
a tiger named Asakura before they would meet an arrow to their head.

Veryl wasn't the violent type. 
She loved chatting with random people in Lions Arch, It was sort of her settlement. 
Untill the treasonous White Mantle declared war with  all of what was left of ascalon.

This was none of Veryl's concern. 
She loved petty fights between politicians, but she had her mind set on something else: The Temple of Ages
She was kind of the girl that loved prestige and wanted to be obsidian. 
Although this was a goal unacheavable for a slacker like her, She still went to the Temple as soon as she ascended to become a greater hero. 

In the Foe of Fissure she met a young spirit. A girl named Mika. She didn't had any powers and was unusable in a fight. 
But she made remarkable statements about the enemies Veryl slaughtered.
Veryl bursted out laughing and losing focus and nearly getting killed, but it were the fun times.

Veryl: "One obsidian shard... Firey flames of balthazar this takes ages for me to be obsidian!"
Mika: "Don't sweat it. We're a team right? You shoot, I make the puns."
Veryl: "Well It's not that I'm running out of arrows but I feel to lazy to do this.... Let's go outside"
Mika: "Outside? What's outside?"
Veryl: "Tyria? dummy, haven't you've seen any of that?"
Mika: "I'm...not sure if I can leave...."
Veryl: "We only need a portal. Can't u make one?
Mika: "I'm a spirit not a magician...."
Veryl: "I thought you could use your ghostly powers or something...."
Mika: "Rub it in. I died a long time ago. Lets just make you obsidian and then..."
Veryl: "And then what? We go our seperate ways? You haven't seen my guild members yet! I should introduce you to them."
Mika: No can do, I'm staying. this place is familiar to me.
Veryl: I understand that... But...
Mika: "No but's and get your butt on the bow"
Veryl: "Enemy sighted"
Mika: "Another mutated bull on steroids.
Veryl: "Aatxes are not to be messed with.... *Veryl strings her bow*
Mika: "Just wave a red flag and lure them off a cliff."
Veryl: "I tried, they seem to be to intelligent to fall for that."
Mika: "Wait. something is wrong."

(A loud screeching in the distance closing in fast)
Now in front of Mika there was a woman bleeding black tears and without eyes tilting her head to her as she fondled Mika's hair with her filthy long nails.
A lost but once powerful necromancer doomed to rot away in the Fissure to be nothing but meat for the ones that cleansed the place to become rich looking although not seeing, but feeling the aura of Mika. 
Something was off...
Mika didn't step back or seemed scared. As if she knew her.
Mika: "Do I know you? Veryl get her out of my face please.
Veryl: " I can't move. It's like my body is frozen.
Mika: "What do you want from me evil affliction!"
The ghost whispers: "I am not an affliction, I am PERFECTION
The ghost opens her mouth up and a ray of smitefull spirit emerges making a bubble consuming Mika.
Veryl tried everything in her power to stop it but she was already cursed to Maelstrom.

Mika's eyes glow as the ghost taps of her power and looking younger, more vertile and cuter at the same time.
The bubble vannished with a subbed bang. 

Mika fell on the ground gasping for breath, while Veryl is trying to stand up and reach for her bow

Ghost: "My name is Novani. And I am finaly FREE!~"
Mika:" I can't... see.... Veryl....."
Novani: "Ahhh ofcourshies! the little petty ranger wubs a spirit that does nothing but joking around. Suits you as a slacker.
you might aswell title yourself 'hobo of the materials' HAHAHAHA"
Mika: "That is sorta... funny... but... still...annoying...."
Novani: "Look dear, you had what I need. And I left you alive. you only have to regenerate.  But that doesn't come for free."
Novani: "Shutup." *Novani casts spiteful spirit to Veryl*
Novani: "Now every step you make will hurt, and every damage you make will return to you double time! HAHAHAHA!"
Mika: "What...do you want...."
Novani: "Mine. My kingdom. My Coral Kingdom. Deep in the oceans of the vast sea lies what some call atlantis. I call it retribution. What I will do to it that is!"
Mika: "Veryl will stop you... If not, I will!"
*Novani walkes elegantly towards Mika and tilts Mika's face straight up looking  in her blind eyes. *
Novani: "And how will you do that? by making a remark about my looks that will devistate me to watching myself in the mirror? I'M BLIND ANYWAY! HAHAHAHA"
*Mika mumbles something*

من أعماق العالم تحت I استدعاء الارو
اح و سوف اللي
تبونه قوتهم ينتمي لي . 
أقرضني الطاقة الخاصة بك و يلعن ه
ذا الكائن إلى مكانها الصحيح الكامل

Mika's body was lifting while Veryl stood by and watched her power.

She didn't knew she could do this.
In a matter of a second an implosion emerged leaving a crater behind with no trace of Novani or Mika, but with a fastly shrinking portal.
Veryl now louse from her curse could move again. 

And she jumped into the portal as it closes right after her feet.

B L O O D S T O N E  F E N

*crickets.... frogs.... chirping..... Birds......*
Veryl opened her eyes and saw she was in the maguuma jungle.
As she walked around in the dense moisty jungle hiding from ventari,
she called for Mika and sometimes even Novani.
But no response....
Maybe she was led to a path astray from them. 
Fluctiations in experimental portals are dangerious.

....After a long search Veryl made camp outside Gloryhole. Sobbing she fried some fish on the campfire and sobbing she ate herself full.

*"I see you have a large appetite for someone that is depressed."*
Veryl: "Leave me alone... "
*"I can help you. You're looking for a friend right?"*
*Veryl looks up and gazes in the eyes of a man, strangely familiar but it could be because of his friendly smile*
Veryl: "Whipe that smirk of your face and annoy somebody else you warthog."
*"She passed this road, to the left, to bloodstone fen. The other, she made her way for Scantum Cay. She didn't look to healthy... mentaly speaking"
Veryl: "And you are?....". *Veryl whiped her tears*
Man: "I am also a spirit, but in flesh and blood. I am a vision of the future. My name is Milan and I come to help you."
Veryl: "But thats impossible. You.... you should not exist!"
Milan: "Thanks to the power of leyline energy the power of alchemy is more fluxating then ever. It can lead to oppertunities, or devistations."
Veryl: "Laidline? what kind of bad pickupline are you...."
Milan:  "No, stop. Just listen. You have one way and no choice. you have to start packing and get your tiny cute butt to bloodstone fen before the ritual starts."
Veryl: "Ritual? ...Mika's ritual? What is she going to do?"
Milan: "She is going to purge herself to ascension. She will die. well.... vanish."
Veryl: "but why would she do that? She has me, and we are.. how does she know that treacherous place... She told me..."
Milan: "No time for bickering. She had her reasons. She is more powerful than you know and it's time to get moving."
Veryl: "Are you coming with me?"
*veryl looks around her*
Veryl: "Hello?"

Veryl looked in every direction but Milan was gone.

She sighed and started packing, pouting something about not enough sleep and mocking every skilled necromancer she knew.
Mumbling herself on her way to BloodStone Fen she found traces of energy, sparks of some kind of electricity but not lethal.
That had to be Mika's doing, after what Veryl saw what Mika could do she knew she was following the right path

*tendencies, actions, reactions, follows, Noone can tell why she's living so hollow*

A voice whispered in circles around Veryl while she was nearing Bloodstone Fen.
She didn't knew if it was about her, or someone else, maybe Mika. 
But it was getting on her nerves

*When she falls below the shatterer, the risen ones will live together*

Mika was sitting on the middle of the ritual stone while Veryl hurried to her.

Veryl:"MIKA! can you hear me? I'm so glad you're okay... Let's go back. we don't need to be here?!
*Veryl tries to grab her hand but Mika lets go firmly as she looks down to a puddle of blood slowly pouring in the carves of the stone making a pattern.*
Veryl:"Mika? Who's blood is that?
*Mika mumbles something while stuttering*
Mika: M-M-Milan's... blood... it's working....
Veryl: "Him? I don't trust that guy, he seems nice, and he has led me to you, but still. I don't like his smirk on his face"
*Mika draws a circle around the pattern with Milan's blood and the blood glows blue while the circle copies itself in a spiral to the whole ritual stone.*
Mika: "Look. With this, you can go to the Coral Kingdom. "
*The blue light goes higher while it centers in a peak making one flask of some fluid.*
Veryl: "You're acting strange Mika. What is wrong? Let's go get shards. Or meet my guildies. Or run from fishermans haven back to Ascalon!"
Mika: No time. don't worry. *Mika smiles a little evil while she grabs the floating flasks and gives it to veryl while looking shimmering eyecontact.*
Veryl: "I'm not drinking that. It's made of blood of a perv!"
Mika: "I can do more wonders than you think i could."
Veryl: "What's so special about Thee Chorhal Kingdumb anyway...."
*Mika grins*
Mika: It's the place where everything is at peace. I was born there. We have to save it.
Veryl: "You could have told me earlier... Well then. lets make way to THEE CURLY GUNDAM!"
Mika: " I never get tired of you" *mika smiles as she pats veryl's back and leaps forward of the stone*

A long trip of fast travels, wallhugging the sea and not being able to swim, brought the two heroes to a diving place in Kessex Hills.

From here they overlooked everything. If you squinted your eyes, you could see the flames of the Isle of Fire.
Behind there northwest is The Coral Kingdom, Where Novani takes her chances to be ruler of the sea. 
And with the power of the waves of the ocean she would master whole tyria.

T H E  C O R A L  K I N G D O M

Mika: "This  is where u drink the flask."
Veryl: "And you? What will happen anyway?.... I could be alergic to his bloodtype... I dont have perv+"
Mika: "Everything will be fine, but I can not go with you."
Veryl: "Why the heck not? We are a team remember, I shoot..."
Mika: "... And I make the puns yeahyeah. listen.."
Veryl: "you don't need to make it sound all... "
Mika:  "I vanished when I used the implosion portal. I am merely a reflection of the real me."
Veryl:  "Wait. where is the real you then?"
Mika: "Locked up. in the coral kingdom. being tortured by novani" *Mika smiles faintly*
Veryl: "Wait what. How can you be smiling."
Mika: "You're talking to an illusion. I created the flask. so I will be gone once you drink it. It's balance of the Alchemy."
Veryl: "You...could've told me this earlier."
Mika: "You would have never believed me."
Veryl: "Give me that thing.
*veryl grabs the flask and opens it and smells it*
Veryl: "Smells like illusionary pervyness. You and Milan must be close buddies."
Mika: "You don't need to get all angry. "
Veryl: "angry? I am slighty aggitated about the fact that the real you is being TORTURED in the Grenths dome of the underworld!"
*Mika smiles faintly while looking the other direction*
Mika: "Hurry up then. There isn't much time left."
Veryl: "You betya."
*veryl gulps down the flask and shivers. She looks around herself but Mika is gone."
Veryl: "She didn't even tell me what the flask was for. She could've just TOLD ME!"

Veryl's aura starts to glow and tigthents around her body as some elastic rubber of energy.
After hesitating long before diving of the cliff of Kessex Hills, pouting and mumbling something about laidlines being whores
She makes the jump into the water and suprisingly she sinks all the way to the button.

As Veryl walks on the bottom of the oceans she stares her eyes out to schools of fish, and beautiful coral.
*dancing blades, illusionary pursading you to come home in the underworld where you belong*
The whispering doesn't stop. And Veryl doesn't take it very seriously. She tries to stay positive on her way to the Coral Kingdom.

I was trippin by a flask, nobody ask me why I can fly wait I sink now I blink
Yo the underworld is cool, Nightmares are the fools cuz im rockin this mic when I...."
Veryl stops her 'rapping' or making fun of hearing voices and climbs up a hill with a stunning view.

A large bubble containing buildings stories high with more bubbles attached with what seemed like villages and farms.
On top of it is a large tower pulsating an energy field around the bubble. as it's protection, or to provide the people in there of oxygen.
Stunned, Veryl looks how beauitfull it's build but suddenly hears a loud explosion.

One big building inside the bubble collapses with a large smoketrail and with a closer look, Veryl see's the place is ruined.
Veryl: Oh No... If I'm to late. What will become of me?
Veryl: "I only have one way. and no choice."
Veryl: "Mika, My love, I will save you even if it costs me a dozen lives"
Veryl approaches the inmense large frontgate of the bubble and see's a doorbell.
She rings it and a tune whistles.
An Asura gets on the phone.
Asura: Please... Help us... There isn't much left... Time.. Save the Alchemy... All is doomed... NO... IF you can....
Veryl: "You talk funny...."
Asura: You may not have encountered an asura yet but you will soon enough. Destroy the weapon.. please.....
Veryl: "What weapon?"
The front gate opens filling the first tank with water and veryl walks in. 
Then the gate closes and the water drains away, together with the elastic gel of energy covering veryl's body.
The maingate opens and a small weird creature with floppy ears and large eyes crawls towards veryl.
Veryl: "Are you high on an expired gnome tonic? This is not the time to fool around with booz"
Asura: "Listen closely you nitwit. Novani gained acces to every leyline...."
Veryl: "UCH another ladyline... uch.. just tell me what weapon."
Asura: "The upper level, of the tower on the top of the bubble. May the alchemy be with you."
Veryl: "Thank you kindly, get to safety, and the other gnomes too!"
Asura: "We are not gnomes! Is this shabby person the one prohpesized to be our saviour? you got to be kidding me. We failed the Eternal Alchemy...."
Veryl: Well concidering your luck that I actually could GET here for my OWN personal reasons.... forget it. I'm going to hunt some necromancer down."

The path to the tower was steep and with many stairs. Veryl excersised alot but after the thousand step on the stair she couldn't feel her legs anymore.

After she used both of her hands to get to the first level. It was crawling with risen dead minions that Novani controlled.

*Time to get to business*

She pulled two fire arrows to the powder kegs on the rearside while she prepared an Area of effect summoning spiritbonded arrows, 
barraging the place like it was raining death.

One explosion then the spirit arrows that missed their foe were triggered by the kegs and exploded. 
The Area was empty in less then 10 seconds.
Veryl fell on her knees and catched her breath.

"damned... stairs..." as she looked to the second level with ofcourse,
lotsa stairs towards it.
Veryl heard a laughter,
a screeching familiar one that must've been Novani, 
the mentaly unstable necromancer with just too much power.

Novani: "So you think you can get to me? *The stairs to the second level blew up"
Veryl: "I will find a way you sick psychopathic witch of...."
Novani: "Save your insults. they mean little to me, but only take time and well... You're friend here doesn't like that."
Novani: "HAHAHAHA! Mika? Mika is gone. She belongs to me now, and she is not a her anymore, Because I can doubt you can recognize her!"
*veryl fires 5 exploding arrows under her feet making her jump up while harpoons the chains of one summoned spirit to the floor of the second level.
With a quick combusion out of her centered fire arrows exploding near her back she swings all the way on to the second level and taps her feet on the ground.

Veryl looks up to Novani.
Novani: "You think I'm real?"  she asked bluntly."
Veryl: "A necromancer, a monk, and a mesmer? how do you change your professions so quickly...."
Novani: "HAHAHAHAHA, you naive little girl!"
*novani shatters in butterflies leaving 5 dozen minions approaching Veryl's way.
Veryl switches weapons to daggers. Getting a stone elemental aura and mushing her way to the stairs of the third level.
The minions she didn't kill look dazed and are slowly approaching but Veryl doesn't have time for them.
She uses the chains of two summoned spirits quickly to the checkpoints of the stairs and rises to the third level.
On this level the entrance to the door of the pulsating tower is visible. *

She throws her daggers on the front door and uses a ritualist chain to open it.
An avatar of Balthazar approaches and opens the gate.
Veryl rushes in while the door is closing with the minions approaching. 
A few limbs of the minions get stuck in the closed door and Veryl rushes to the center of the tower.
There she sees Mika, with all kinds of biotech to her body, 
she is not looking like a spirit but more like a real person.
Veryl: "MIKA!!!!"
Mika's "head lifts up and smiles faintly, while some metal fluid is taking over her body"
*veryl makes her way to her while the pulses of the tower are pushing her back*
Veryl: "Just a little more.... Mika I can not lose you.... I will never...."

*Novani casted a wave to veryl and veryl skimmed on the floor crying in pain.*

Novani: "Do you really think it was that easy?"
Veryl: "Why are you doing this to Mika...."

*Novani rushes to Veryl's body in agony and kneels infront of her.*
Novani: "It's simple. Im creating a Zephyre. One that will obey me."
"You in order to have them obey you you need a willing spirit. but I couldnt find one."
Veryl:" Enough talk... " *Veryl  lays on her back trying to get up but novani puts her down with another wave*
Novani: This one will be willing, since this spirit is vurnrable.
Veryl: Mika is the strongest in the world.....
Novani: "Shhh, Hold that sentence...."

the metal fluid covers Mika's body and the draines let louse and she falls on the ground. The pulsating stops for a while as the lights are shimmering.
Then back turned on a whiteblue metal looking creature looks to novani, And then Veryl.
Veryl: "Mika.... What has she done to you..... Am I... to late?"
Novani: "Late late late! hmmmmhmmm! But right on time to meet your death little perky ranger!" *novani smiles*
*The zephyre stands up and walks closely to Veryl, past Novani as she is watching her creation being a succes.*
*The Zephyre grabs Veryl's head and pounds her in the stomach. She blows away making a crater into the wall of the tower.*
*Veryl sputters blood*  
*then the Zephyre teleports and smashes Veryl's head through the pillars that make the buiding stand*
*Another teleport hold the throat of Veryl while she grasps with her hands in all her might not to get killed
Veryl: "You haven't seen the best of me."

*A blue celestial slade covers veryl and she pushes the zephyre back*
*looking for an oppertunity to strike from far Veryl jumps high in the sky but the zephyre teleports and grabs her leg and swings her to the floor.
*veryl taps lightly on her feet and releases a blast of energy to the zephyre, Then she kneels to the ground gasping for breath.

Novani: "What in grenth's name are YOU?!"
Veryl grins:  "I'm supposed to be a druid."
Novani: "Druids don't exist. Only in fairytales."
Veryl: "Everything is prophesied...."

*veryls slacks a breath and falls to the floor, Novani laughs*

*Whisper: "Dark willow of a dream, wake up and you will see, nights will change the day will come, rise my daughter you are the sun"*

*The Zephyre untainted by the last blast veryl had to give settles on the ground next to Novani.*

Novani: "Well I guess that was no fun at all! just some sparkles and glitter. You must be a fairy with ripped off wings."
Zephyre: "Unknown feauture. does not require wings to fly."
Novani: "Dispose of her body. Burn it, throw it away, I don't care."
Veryl hided behind a crushed pillar heavily breathing, dieing of bloodloss. "Mika.... What have they done to you" she mumbles.
She aims an arrow to the top of the pulsating tower and with a spiritchain she elevates herself up to the tower.
She uses a pulse to get to the surface of the water as she looks down, promising herself she will save Mika and The Coral Kingdom.

Dwayna: She gave her all, yet she could not save her.
Balthazar: We stopped blessing humans. for reasons like these. It's always violence and war
Grenth: It's a path of learning. fases and evolvment. revolution is nescesary.
Lyssa: This has gotten out of hand.
Melandru: Well since she is a ranger I can do one thing for her.

Veryl wakes up after two days sleep in her little home in Lions Arch.
Then there is knocking on the door.

"Miss Veryl? You know you can't stay here, not even as a refugee"

Veryl: "shut up before I shoot you in the face. "
*Veryl turns over in her bed.*
"Miss we are going to use force if you are not willing to cooperate"
Veryl: "Fine fine, just a second. Veryl gets dressed and opens the door."
Guard: "Wow. you look like you had a afterparty after another one."
Veryl: "Save it pumkin. What's your business."
Guard: "You can't stay here. The white mantle... they own this place and you decided to become well ehm."
Veryl: "I decided nothing, the prophecy did."
*veryl slams the door shut*

*Another knocking*
Guard: "We will make work of this."
Veryl: "yeahyeah prohpesize your dicks into some ladylines or something..."
Guard: "Are you trying to be funny?"
Veryl: "I'll leave in the morning."
Guard: "It's almost afternoon."
Veryl: "Tomorrow morning?"
Guard: "Listen I really don't like to do this since I like you alot, but..."
Open the door just once again will you? The guard begs
*Veryl opens the door*
Guard: Let me just help you a little along your way. I have these.....
Here are some materi.....
Veryl smashes the feathers, dust and scales away.

"I am. I repeat I am not a hobo of materials."
After a while of laying depressed in bed, Veryl decided to reside in her own Guild Hall.
She lost contact with most guildies who were raiding, farming, trading, the usual.

Veryl, just staring blankly thinking how she could've saved Mika in ways over and over.
"CURSE YOU NOVANI" Veryl screams of the deck of the ship to the ocean near the hall.
Then she starts crying. wich she hasn't in a very long time.

"It's not to late." Milan says

Veryl: "Late? don't mention that word. I have gone through every situation a hundred times and..."
Milan: "You are going in circles.
Veryl: "What do you think I'm supposed to do, let it all go? be a friendly drunk and just leave it be?
She is my friend and I love her. and now.... and now she's...." *veryl starts sobbing again loudly*
Milan:  "My mother, is your granddaughter"
Veryl clearing her tears:" ur such a perv."
Milan: "Just take me seriously"
Veryl: "No thank you. stay away from me"
Milan: "Look I know it seems bad now, but the tides will turn."
Veryl: "yeah like Novani is going to crush Lions Arch with a big one."
Milan: "You will meet a husband and you will live in my heart eternaly."
Veryl: "So you are my grand grand son? how are we even related..... you look old."
Milan: "I am a vision......"
Veryl: "OKay mister vision, stop prophesizing my life Im so sick and tired of it."
Milan: "You are going to be alright. and. I love you."
Veryl: "Perv!"
Milan: "In a friendly way. "
Milan stuck along for a while explaining himself why he absolutely could not be a pervert while Veryl Made puns about him untill they started laughing.

Then Milan dissapeared forever out of Veryl's life and Veryl got older slowly.

She met someone that looked like Milan, but was more sinsere and mature.
A male xunlai agent who was always on business trips.
Their relationship was short and veryl gave birth too soon to a girl she named Sondariël.
The father was never around and they broke up quickly. 
so Veryl layed down her bow and cared for her little mesmer, Sondariel as a single mom.
She sang a song to her every night before she went to bed.

"Sweet little illusionary weapon bash down those meleeing fools
Sweet little agonizing headache have lovely dreams tonight."


Sondariel grew up quickly and learned the masteries of being a mesmer and an elementalist quickly.
She solo'd the underworld when she was merely 7 years old and with Veryl's hard training, and un easy little depressing puns...
She grew up as a rock solid Mesmer or Arcane Echoes. 

When sondariël got older she got bored at easy monsters and wanted to fight something more powerful.
Veryl told her about the Zephyre.
but not that it was Mika.
Sondariëls mind was set. 
She made way to Lions Arch wich was now devastated by the waves of Novani's power from the reversed pulsating tower at the coral kingdom.

The zephyre was clearly visible in the ruins of Lions Arch.  it looked her way and didn't see her as a threat and wanted to jump to a higher place.
"Wait" Sondariel shouted. 
the Zephyre looked her way and waited for something that Sondariel had to say.
"Who are you?" Sondariel asked while the wind was blowing softly through the crushed stones that were once statues of pride.
"I am Mika" The Zephyre answered. "DO you know Veryl?" Sondariël asked.
The zephyre didn't respond and stood still for a while. then it slowly walked to Sondariël.
"I fight for justice. I fight for honesty. The weak are less then critters parasiting this world. DO you have a deathwish?"
"Veryl told me someday about someone named Mika. you must be her!"

The zephyre approached as a machine on its way to terminate a fly. 
Then he powered up a blast.
Sondariel noticed it with her quick reflexes and doubled herself into mutliple illusions surrounding the zephyre.
Now fired a meteor storm and used archane echo, 
a glyph of energy  to use it again....

while the meteors were crushing down the zephyre just walked through the rubbish onto Sondariël.
"You can not escape" The zephyre said.
"I don't intent to" Sondariel replied.

Quickly she grabbed the flask she carried around her neck whole her life and broke it, she opend the flask and mumbled some spell she read in a diary of Veryl once.

اح و سوف اللي
تبونه قوتهم ينتمي لي . 
أقرضني الطاقة الخاصة بك و يلعن ه
ذا الكائن إلى مكانها الصحيح الكامل

The zephyre stuttered and was forcefuly pushed to the flask. then Sondariel openend a portal behind her and behind the zephyre. She casted migraine and lightningstorm and the zephyre fell to his knees.
"Tch.. a little bit too easy..." Sondariel thought. "If that is mika... I can save her" she firmly believed. and the flask sucked up the aura of the zephyre while Sondariel used the two portals to balance herself between the damage she could get due her own actions. Well the zephyre's aura was drained the robotic machine fell on the ground lifeless.

"So much power, so little defence...." Sondariël thought.

"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE......." Sondariel looked backwards and saw a glimpse of a cute necromancer surfing of a wave to the beach of Lions Arch.
"I undid what you did wrong appearantly" Sondariel answered with a cynical tone. 

Novani was furious and blinded by hatred and rose every corpse she could feel in Lions Arch.
"listen... Minions are fun and all, but I have better things to do." Sondariel turned her back on Novani and walked away. Novani casted a blast of energy scarring Sondariels cheek while she dodged it.
"This power.... It could be..."
Sondariël: "Are you Novani?"
Novani: "And what if I am?"
Sondariël: "You hurt my mom."
Novani:" HAHAHA don't tell me that little whimp got a kid"
Sondariël:"why didn't u grow older"
Novani: "Because my love, I have eternal youth, so when you die I dance on your grave, capiche? Lets hurry that up shall we?"
Sondariël: "You are unstable. let me fix that."
Sondariël casted migraine thrice in a row with a  lightning surge "
Sondariël: they say electrotherapy helps a bit.
Novani: I don't need a shrink!
Sondariel: Well it's never to late to open up your fee....

Novani teleported to her face kneeing sondariël's chin flying her to the ruins of Lions Arch.
"That kinda stung" Sondariël mumbled. She clones herself and goes beserk but Novani one hit kills every clone and points her finger to Sondariël.
"You will be my NEXT subject."She says angrily. "My new weapon will evolve mankind! HAHAHAHAHA! 
Novani laughs in her own euphoria while Sondariël spit some blood and gets on her feet.

"Time for some strategy." Sondariël picked up a stone and flinged it to novani's direction, 
then she cloned it and scattered the stones all over the places forming a grid of blocks.
The grid turning into a moving wall taking shape into a cilinder around Novani who just let it happen does nothing untill the cilinder turns into a piramid. 

Novani explodes the plan of Sondariël.
And she jumps to Sondariël, But Sondariël was prepared for this and holds the flask right infront of her and mumbles the same thing she read in Veryl's diary.

اح و سوف الليتبونه قوتهم ينتمي لي . 
أقرضني الطاقة الخاصة بك و يلعن ه
ذا الكائن إلى مكانها الصحيح الكامل

Novani screams. all her aura is in the flask together with the aura of Mika, but the flask can't hold it and glows. it's about to explode.
Sondariël clones the flask and makes it a sandclock that clapping into one big sunclock and opening it up. All the ernergy around her goes in slowmotion while novani is drained dry and lies on the floor.
She gets herself up more humanlike and try to make a blast with her hands but nothing comes out of it. "just a normal peasant now are you?" Sondariël grins.
Novani: "You can not contain whats inside that thing u made."
Sondariël: "You're right, it needs flesh and bone."

SHe merges the ball of energy within her belly
Sondariël exthrilled about the power calms down and tries to use it in the air.
Nothing happenend. 

" I guess u were not that powerful after all heh?" Sondariel grins


Novani rotted away in prison, while Veryl passed away knowing gratefully that her child has defeated the threat of mankind as easy as baking a pancake, Sondariel gave birth to my parents.
I never knew them since they were slaughtered in a raid. but for some reason my eyes are glowing and I can see more than I sometimes wish. It skips a generation you see.
I have visions but I know the prophecies are over... I only want peace but this is the era of dragons.
My name is Milan and I am a Warrior, ascended of Veryl. Engineer of Leylines... that is, for a while. Untill I find a better purpose with my life.

With my power I will let Mika rise again. Veryl live again and grant Novani peace.
But there is an evil side to having imbued eyes. 

Is there anyone that could answer me this question: "What is utopia?"


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