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G.O.T - Never Trust Anyone



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G.O.T - Never Trust Anyone

Post by Sassafras on Tue Sep 06, 2016 6:24 pm

Raza Derilus arrived from the northern shores of Orr, by ship, from Rata Sum. The Inquest agents gladly welcomed her arrival, but did not fret over her presence. Nor her intent. Raza sets out a sigh of relief.
Raza - Ahh, finally. Away from that blabbering lunatic. Now I can get back to it. 
She hears nothing in the deep dark, and begins to here voices coming from the crypt.
Raza - Be quiet, you morons...
??? - We thought you wouldn't show!
Raza - Of course I would show...too much is riding on this. I trust you have the artifacts?
She sees the priory members showing off three remarkable powerful artifacts.
??? - There weren't easy to lift from the archives, y'know.
??? - We hope it's worth it...
Raza - Trust me, you've all done splendid work.
She gathers artifacts, and with a bit of magic, conceals their true nature.
Raza - You all are dismissed, and I wouldn't go back to the priory if I were you. Just lay low until I tell you otherwise. No doubt they'll be looking for you after stealing these
The priory members bicker and plot their next course of action, while Raza returns to the surface.
Raza - Oh... And don't stay here too long... Unless you want to end up food for the remnants of Orr.
She laughs, stops, ponders, and muddles to herself.
Raza - I hope these will please the justiciar.

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