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G.O.T - Preparing For The Thorns



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G.O.T - Preparing For The Thorns

Post by Sassafras on Tue Sep 06, 2016 5:46 pm

Noipros enters the port, twiddling his fingers. Raza is muddling about suspiciously, awaiting Noipros' return.
Noipros - Raza?
Raza - Aww, milord! Welcome back.
Noipros - Where's Blintoc?
Raza - He's off running a few errands, he mentioned. 
Noipros - Errands?
Raza - He did not specify.
Noipros - Probably nothing.
Raza - I trust everything went well?
Noipros - The Sylvari is scared. Rightly so anyway. She'll deliver the message. And regrow the arm.
Raza - I still have my agents keeping tabs on her, just in case. The arm?
Noipros - Nothing important. I need for you to prepare somethings. We must leave Rata Sum. 
Raza - Oh...
Noipros - I know... But it's time.
Raza - And where to?
Noipros - The Maguuna Jungle. 
Raza bears a nervous look
Noipros - Raza...do you think...we are capable?
Noipros seems nervous as well.
Raza - That depends on what we'll be doing. 
Noipros - Defeating Mordremoth.
Raza - Well... Only one way to find out.
Noipros - With the help of what remains of the Pact, my asurans and I may stand a chance.
Raza - Right?
Noipros - Right... I've already told Ameirahh to meet us at Verdant Brink.
Raza - Don't worry, it's a tall order...but...we'll make it through okay, always have.
Noipros - If Blintoc is around, tell him too. I wouldn't want his work to be in vain. 
Raza gives a reassuring smile.
Raza - I will. 
Noipros - The Duchess Taiga will assist us as well. And as for Rata Sum... I've contacted someone to take my place as regent. 
Raza - It served our purposes will enough. Besides, there's too much attention here, I can't be at my best. 
Noipros - Are you not interested to hear who will be duke? Regent Duke that is...
Raza squints her eyes, and silently listens. 
Noipros - Well, I've summoned my grandmother. She's...uh...capable.
Raza - Hmm... Do I know her? I don't think we were introduced. 
Noipros - Have you ever heard of the Archmage Renatia Noipros? The woman took down entire camps of Centaur on her own.
Raza - Sounds vaguely familiar...
Noipros - Whenever my father was at war, she was...there. After my mother's death, she's been more than just a grandmother.
He looks down.
Raza - Ah, so a more than trusted ally, that's very wise.
Noipros quickly looks up again.
Noipros - Anyway, prepare your things. We leave at dusk.
Raza - Yes, sir!
                                   Part 2
Noipros studies the schematics.
Howl - Heya, Nopy!
Noipros crystal sword sparkles. 
Howl - Check out my new duds! Man, I'm gonna look so cool...
Noipros ignores the illusion.
Howl - Hey, don't you like it?
Raza peeks around the corner, concerned. Noipros grabs his head as Raza is confused. Noipros peeks over his shoulder, staring at Raza. Raza quietly observes the odd behavior.
Noipros - Stop it. You're being dumb. 
Howl - Remember, that time by the waterfall? I told you my DEEPEST DARKEST secret. Uh huh.
Noipros - Secret? (chuckles)
Howl - Yeah! Remember, and you didn't even freak out or anything. 
Noipros - I didn't?
Howl - Don't think my dad would understand like you did, Nopy. 
Noipros - I...didn't.
Raza gathers her things, and begins collecting data crystals for transport. 
Noipros - Is this the price I pay? The price of failure? You tormenting me.
Howl - Nope nope nope, sure is no better friend than my Nop! Nah, that's not it. 
Noipros - Not it? Hah...
Howl - You're gonna have to see their faces every time you fall asleep, though.
Noipros - Who's faces...?
Howl - Well, everyone you killed, silly. 
Noipros looks startled. 
Howl - Boy, there's a lot of them. All dead.
Noipros - I...didn't... Rhaenara...
Noipros grabs his head, his crystal sword shining bright.
Howl - Y'hear that?
Noipros - No.
Howl - That's the sound of burning people, Nopy!
Noipros - Burning?  The wedding...
Howl - Yeah! The nobles!
Noipros - I did that...
Noipros falls to the floor. Raza still hears all of this babbling from Noipros.
Howl - I guess you could say they're charred now, Nopy! Get it! Cause I'm your charr friend.
Noipros - I did that... Howl?
Howl - Yeah, buddy?
Noipros - Why must we fight?
Howl - Well...I guess it's because you're a monster, Nopy.
Noipros looks at his armor.
Noipros - No.
Howl - Kinda sucks though.
Noipros - I'm a champion... No! 
Howl - Cause, if you're a monster, which you are, a really terrible one - that kinda makes me a monster, too. 
Noipros - Why don't I feel it anymore? The connection we had. Is it still there?
Howl - Guess I don't need you anymore.
Noipros grabs Howl but phases through.
Noipros - You need me!
Howl laughs
Noipros - Like I need...you.
Howl - Silly boots! Noo...you need me. 
Noipros - We don't deserve this...
Howl - Oh, I think we do. Well...you do. Murderer. 
Noipros - (smiles) And you're last. When you die, I can finally be at peace. 
Howl - Nah, you can't kill me. You're not that suicidal. 
Noipros - I can finally...die. 
Howl - Hey, Noipros. 
Noipros - Mordremoth awaits me. I can't... What?
Howl - I'm really excited to go to this ball. 

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