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G.O.T - Changing Sides



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G.O.T - Changing Sides

Post by Sassafras on Tue Sep 06, 2016 3:33 pm

Howl sits on his throne, a plate of grapes untouched on his lap. He stares off to the side. He is alone in the throne room.
Blintoc - Hello, Duke.
Howl - Who the fuck?!
Blintoc - I don't believe we've been introduced...
Howl glowers, seething up at the Asura
Blintoc - My name is Blintoc. I am an ...`associate' of Noipros.
Howl draws his blade.
Howl - How lovely to make you acquaintance, little Asura. Is that all, or shall I kill you now?
Blintoc - I'm not here to fight. I have information for you.
Howl raises on eyebrow, and sighs. He sheathes his sword.
Howl - Fine. 
Blintoc - Noipros has made questionable decisions recently...but he has crossed a line... I am afraid I must reconsider alliegances.
Howl stares blandly up at Blintoc.
Blintoc - I am unsure if you are strickly aware of his current involcement with respect to the Elder Dragon Kralkarorik?
Howl - ...I had suspicions.
Blintoc - Well..based on new information I am forces to conclude that he has been claimed as a thrall of the dragon. He claims to have gone to the Crystal Desert, defeated the great lich lord, Joko, and then returned, names the crystal dragon's champion. He seems to be completely focused on Mordremoth. I believe the phrasing he used was basically `I will Brand all of Tyria if I must.' So... He seems not to care of an elder dragon kills everyone, so long as its the dragon he prefers. I hope you can understand how this might shake my confidence?
Howl - (sigh) I don't care...
Blintoc - Care or not, the information is delivered. I head to Reach next. If you have any word for the queen reagent or the king?
Howl - No. 
Blintoc - I didn't suspect so, but..well..it's polite to ask.
Howl - (sigh) Is that all?
Blintoc - Yes. I have better things to do than talk to you.
Howl walks up to the grapes on the floor, and looks at them a moment, then kneels to pick them up. 

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