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G.O.T - The Bones of Zhaitan



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G.O.T - The Bones of Zhaitan

Post by Sassafras on Tue Sep 06, 2016 3:13 pm

Matithias stands on a stage before his men, the sun's first light glimmering over the horizon.
Lierrin - Attention, soldiers! The commander is going to speak!
Matithias - Thank you, Lierrin. 

He clears his throat.
Matithias - First of all I would like to thank you all. For staying here with me, and for being patient with me. It was important that being here be your choice. Especially considering we're ``off the grid' as it is. You are some of the finest warriors I'be had the pleasure of commanding, and that is why I have asked you to be here. I've kept you in the dark about my motives for the past few days, I apologize for that, but I've been quite...busy. 

He stands next to a large crate and looks in it.
Matithias - Hmm. Yes, good. All here.

He turns to his men.
Matithias - I don't know how much you know of our king...or former king, if the word I have is up to date. Noipros. Our good friend the duke, has achieved something terrible. He has found a way to harness the power of the crystal dragon. Now I know this is alarming, but his power is still at an early stage. Which means with your help, we can rub him out before he gets too powerful. Now some of you may be wondering how we can do this.

He reaches in the crate.
Matithias - This is the Godskull Slayer. A sword I crafted out of the bones of Zhaitan. With it's power, I should be able to match that of Noipro's crystal. However, on the off chance it doesn't. I've also made this. 
He pulls out various pieces of armor, one after another. Large, heavy pieces of armor...made of bones. He removes his helm. 
Matithias - This is what I have been up to. Now I know this is shocking, especially for those of you who have not seen my face before. But for those of you who are still willing to fight with me, for those of you who will stand by my side. I will protect you. And together, we will clense the land of evil. But we can't do it with what we've got now...

He pulls the crate to the center stage. He pushes the crate over, out falls a large number of weapons made from bones. 

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