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G.O.T - Intensity



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G.O.T - Intensity

Post by Sassafras on Tue Sep 06, 2016 2:47 pm

Vialeth walks toward the Grove as Noipros looks closely and recognized Vialeth from a distance. 
Vialeth feels a little uneasy... Nowhere to rest and she still has a long way to go.
Noipros confirms it's Vialeth by the bow and taps her shoulder. Vialeth was surprised.
Noipros - Shhhh, little leaf... You thought you could hide from me.... 
Vialeth - Duke Noipros...
She is on her guard.
Noipros - Have you enjoyed hiding in Divinity's Reach? Or were you somewhere else? 
Vialeth - How did you... How long have you been following me?
Noipros - As soon as you entered Divinity's Reach... I knew. You forget, I'm a noble.
Vialeth - Were.
Noipros - Yes, exactly. Were. What did you tell Rhaenara?
He gets closer and closer.
Vialeth - I told her what you did to Viseron!
She backs away.
Noipros - Bad move. You realize I hired you to fix Divinity's Reach? 
Vialeth - You hired me, and then you were going to kill me. Duke Ho... I was told, that you were going to kill me. 
Noipros - (laughs) Ah, I see. The game. I knew there was something wrong with that moa at Viseron's coronation. 
Vialeth - I should take you back to Divinity's Reach. People are looking for you there. The king... He asked for you in particular.
Noipros shakes his hands in a mocking fear.
Noipros - Ooooo, how I shake!! A terror consumes me!
He leans closer and Vialeth takes out her daggers.
Noipros - Put those away...before you hurt yourself.
Vialeth narrows her eyes ``Do you think I'm a fool?''
Noipros - Yes. You should run while you still can. In fact, I'll give you a headstart.
Vialeth - I'm done running. You should pay for what you did to Viseron. 
Noipros laughs

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