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About Roleplaying

Post by Mika on Sun Nov 22, 2015 2:40 am

I know the regular way of roleplaying is making a profile of sex, gender etc and then build a story from there out.
I hereby strive for roleplaying as if you are reading a book or a manga and the maincharacters you are in your plot will shine when the moment is there.

So tell us a story, not just a profile with some specifications. One profile and I stop reading.
Interest us with your creativity! Ofcourse there is no pressure.
If you feel like having a great storyline for one of your toons and not sure how to describe it.
Then adventure forth with the rest of the guild!

I was struck by a blade in my chest, the power consumed me and I absorbed the power of the magical blade although it had taken my life.
Now I live forth as a ghost, with my dream to once become myself again. flesh and blood.
I woke up in a forest....

Leaving this open, will invite other players to join your story and voila, a roleplay has started where you will meet eachother on different levels.

Ofcourse you can godmode and what not. But make it interesting and keep the story open.

good luck and happy roleplaying!


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