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G.O.T - Power of the Dragon



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G.O.T - Power of the Dragon

Post by Sassafras on Tue Sep 06, 2016 2:12 pm

Blintoc looks sidelong at the twitching armaments of Raza. He sidesteps away from her.
Noipros emerges from the gate, glowing red with crystal power. 
Raza catches the reaction out of the corner of her eye, and smirks.
Noipros takes a deep breath.
Raza - Oh, finally.
Noipros smiles as Blintoc nods at him.
Raza - So... Welcome back
Noipros - Loyal, aren't we?
Raza - Some...new acquaintances or mine knew when you'd be back.
Noipros - Raza, how is everything in Rata Sum?
Raza - Running smoothly. 
Noipros - Blintoc...you haven't spoken. Is something wrong?
He shrugs
Blintoc - Not really. She seems to have everything handled so far. 
Noipros studies's Blintoc's face.
Noipros - You've done well, Raza. Palawa Joko is repelled for now, and the Crystal Dragon...names me his champion. (chuckles)
Noipros - And Raza?
Raza - Yeah?
Noipros - What of her location?
Raza - She's been quite busy, actually.
Noipros - Ah... The naive little thing...
Raza - She's been in Divinity's Reach for a while. 
Noipros - Then I know where she's headed next. Every Sylvari finds their way back. Return to Rata Sum, you two. With Joko repelled, we may finally focus on Mordremoth. 
Raza - Noipros...
Noipros - Hm?
Raza - Will the power of the crystal dragon work against Mordremoth?
Noipros looks distracted, staring at the red crystals around his new armor. 
Noipros - It will have to.
Raza - We all know how that happened with the airship last time. 
Noipros - Keino... We won't make the same mistake.
Blintoc - And...wouldn't we just be swapping one world conquering and consuming dragon for another?
Noipros - (chuckles) I do what I must.
Blintoc - For who?
Raza - That sounds a lot like Keino.
Noipros looks down at Blintoc, concerned.
Noipros - For who? I've...never been asked that before.
Blintoc shrugs.
Noipros - No. I do it..for me. For my house. I sacrificed my will to fight the jungle dragon. That's more than anyone else has done. All except for Keino...
Blintoc - Well...one could argue means don't justify ends.
Noipros stares at Blintoc blankly.
Noipros - I won't let this petty war of dukes stop me. Even if it means I have to brand Tyria from the Ring of Fire, to the Shiverpeaks. Go, to Rate Sum now. I have a visit to take care of.
Raza - Yes, milord. 
Raza salutes as Blintoc is taken aback.

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