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G.O.T - The Return of King Viseron



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G.O.T - The Return of King Viseron

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Rhaenara flips open the book, interested.
Vialeth - My lady... You summoned me?
Rhaenara turns around at the sound of the most angelic voice there is. She bows to Vialeth
Rhaenara - My Vialeth, thank you for coming back
Vialeth - Oh..don't... You shouldn't be bowing to me...
Rhaenara - I was reading a very interesting book, `The Bloodline of Tyria', you should read it sometime.
Rhaenara smiles. Vialeth smiles back, a little awkwardly.
Vialeth - I'm glad that I got to see you, one last time. But... why did you call me here?
Rhaenara - I'll get to that soon enough, love.
She waves away her question.
Rhaenara - Anyway, I have something to show you, shall we? Oh, but wait, you can't be seen in the city like this. Here, drink this.
She hands her a vial
Rhaenara - It's safe, I promise.
Vialeth takes the vial from Rhaenara's hand and drinks it in one gulp.
Rhaenara - Perfect.
Rhaenara picks up the cat and snuggles it in her arms. Vialeth looks at her trustingly.
Rhaenara - I have requested you to come back to see someone very important. 
Rhaenara smiles at the Ministry Guard, allowing her entrance. She speaks in hushed tones at Vialeth.
Rhaenara - Do nothing reckless, you are safe here. No one else is up here. I will not follow, but you must go through the doors ahead. 
Rhaenara looks at Vialeth, putting her down, and letting her transform back. Vialeth shakes herself off. Rhaenara holds Vialeth's hand, assuring her. Vialeth enters the room and was surprised.
Vialeth - Viseron!
Viseron looks out at his castle, unable to leave his room.
Vialeth - I mean... Your Majesty.
She kneels
Viseron - Vialeth, it has been... A long time.
He smirks at her.
Viseron - There is no need to kneel to an old friend. Rise, Lady Vialeth.
Vialeth - If you wish it, Majesty. I heard you were hurt.... You look... I mean, that must have been awful.
Viseron - If it weren't for that joke of a duke, Kevin. I'm fine now, I have regained memories, and learned... New things while I have rested.
Viseron places his hands on his lips.
Vialeth - I am glad to hear it, Majesty. But the Duke...so it was Noipros who did this to you?
Viseron - Do not call him a Duke. He is stripped of that title, and he is to be stripped of his right to live.
Vialeth - That is only fair. But I am glad to hear my suspicions confirmed. To think that he and Rhaenara were...
Vialeth can't bring herself to say the word `married'
Viseron - Do not worry, I know. My aunt has caught me to speed. No need to sugar coat it. I have come here to thank you.
Vialeth - For...yes. Of course. But you have no need to thank me. I didn't... I mean, you are my king. Of course I will do whatever needs to be done for you.
Viseron - You do not even know what I am grateful for, do you?
Viseron turns around to look back at the castle. Vialeth follows at a safe distance.
Viseron - I want to thank you for giving me this.
He points at the palace.
Vialeth - For killing him, you mean.
She is surprised out of politeness for a moment.
Vialeth - I did what I had to do.
Viseron - Rhaenara has told me, what he intended to do. Thank you, Lady Vialeth. I know now, what she has sacrificed for me. Something only a true mother would do...
He thinks to himself, looks up at Vialeth, and smiles to himself.
Vialeth - She has fulfilled that role for you, hasn't she? She cares about you a great deal.
Viseron - My Lady... You do not know... The truth. She treats me like my mother, because she is my mother. All this, it was meant for me. 
Vialeth - She...but that doesn't make any sense... Surely King Auron would know if you were not his son.
Viseron - I am his son.
He laughs softly to himself.
Vialeth - Then...
She looks briefly horrified, but hides it quickly. 
Viseron - That changes things between you and her, doesn't it?
Vialeth - I will never love her any less. Your Majesty. 
He twists his face before responding. 
Viseron - Nevermind that. I have learned why. I need not tell you, even though you are one of the few I will not...harm.
He lingers on that word before continuing.
Viseron - I know now I am the one that was meant for this world. I know that I must get to Mordremoth. And to do that...I need to stop others in my way. If you find the idiot fuck pretending to be the duke, then send a raven in my direction, I want to know where that scatter-brained fool is.
Vialeth - Of course, Majesty. 
Viseron - He can't get to the Dragon before I do.
They both bow at eachother.
Viseron - Now, leave. I have business to attend to. I don't care where you go - have a go at my mom before you get that flying fuck named Noipros, she's been stressed lately. (laughs)
She grimaces, and tries not to show it.
Vialeth - As you wish, Majesty. (bows)
Viseron ignores her words, too caught up in his thoughts and devices.

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