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G.O.T - The Queen

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Rhaenara looks annoyed, but continues her speech. 
Rhaenara - I understand you are all confused, but it is time to rejoice! The crown is back in the hands of a true Targaryen!
Minister - What of King Auron?
She looks wearily at the minster.
Rhaenara - The King has awoken from his sickness, last night. He is still in no state to ru-be present, and as such, I will continue to rule in his stead.
She looks around at the nobility, anxious of their questions, trying to block out their yelling. She spots a familiar face from behind a column, and her eyes light up. 
Rhaenara - I will allow Minister Tyrell to address further questions, I must attend to His Grace.
Rhaenara - (whispers) You must not be seen, follow me quietly.
Vialeth nods, as Rhaenara tries to keep her composure among all her emotions.
Rhaenara - Vialeth...I... What are you doing here?
Vialeth finds it hard to speak
Vialeth - It's bee so long, I...
Rhaenara - You could be killed.
Rhaenara searches Vialeth's eyes, feeling old memories washing over her.
Vialeth - I know. I'm taking a risk right now. But it was important that I find you! There's something I need to tell you, something important.
Rhaenara - That you find me? Are you crazy? You...
Vialeth - And I... I wanted to see you, I admit.
Rhaenara - See me? But, after all that's happened... Are you sure?
Vialeth - It's been so long, and when I heard you were back in the capital, I... I missed you, Rhaenara.
Rhaenara - I... I've missed you as well, my beautiful flower. Listen... What happened with my brother...
Vialeth - I... At this time, it seemed like something I had to do.
Rhaenara - I know. I harbor no ill will.
Vialeth - I will understand if you did, but it seemed like...I don't know. I just wanted to... (sigh) But I'm not here for that. I need to tell you something, about your...about the King.
Rhaenara - King... Oh! Viseron.
Vialeth - Duke Howl didn't hurt him. I can't say how, but you have trust me, I know he didn't. And, although I have little evidence to give you, I think I know who did.
Rhaenara tried not to let her rage and her confusion spill over, and chuckles.
Rhaenara - And who... Who would hurt him?
Vialeth - The person...who had the most to gain. Your...husband.
Rhaenara recoils
Rhaenara - Husband...
She rolls the word around her mouth
Rhaenara - Hus...band... Vialeth. Why are you really here?
Vialeth - I can't tell you everything. I...I won't. I'm here on someone else's account, someone who I think has Tyria's best interests at heart. Someone who wants you to know the truth about what happened to Viseron.
Rhaenara - Tyria's interest are my interests. And my interests do not concern that because I now know what happened to my s... My nephew. Tell me, Vialeth. Who are you here representing?
Vialeth - I can't tell you who it is. But if you like, you could give them...a message, from me. Maybe they could be an ally. 
Rhaenara - An ally. All Houses of Tyria are allies to House Targaryen. 
Vialeth - But we both know that's not how the dukes and duchesses see it.
Rhaenara - Then for those that don't see it that way, I can arrange to have them not see anything else, either. They are loyal to the Crown, or they are dead.
Vialeth - Like you did at the wedding?
Rhaenara pauses, staring right into Vialeth's eyes. Vialeth can't hide that she's a little disturbed by that. Rhaenara's voice softens a little, reminded by who she's talking to.
Rhaenara - Vialeth... You know how this works. You play the game of thrones, our you die. And I will win.
Vialeth - And I want you to win! You know I do. But you don't have to do this alone. If there are others who share your interests...who can support you...
Rhaenara - We made a promise, long ago, under the trees outside the palace, do you remember that night? It was beautiful. We should never keep a secret from each other. Please don't keep this secret from me, now, of all times.
Vialeth - I would never keep a secret from you, you know that. Especially not an important one. But I want to do the right thing...this time. And I think the only thing that would happen if I told you now...is more this. More mistrust. More suffering. More deaths. 
Rhaenara - I think it would be quite the opposite, my love, but... I have no choice but to trust you. I know you keep my interests at heart and if you think this is what I need then... Please just...I need you to convince me...
Vialeth - Convince you?

Rhaenara leans in, going to kiss Vialeth, but recoils.
Rhaenara - I... No. If you say so, then I will trust you.
Vialeth - Please! I'll...I'll make things right. I have to! For what I've done...and for you.
Rhaenara - For us.
Rhaenara smiles wearily at Vialeth. Vialeth smiles back at her, her face, for once...hopeful. Rhaenara's face flashes a look of concern, remembering. 
Rhaenara - Vialeth?  You must leave, though. You'll be caught, we've been here too long. Ignore the palace, there are too many guards protecting the King. 
Vialeth - You're right, Rhaenara. I knew I could trust you to do the right thing, I never should have doubted you. Thank you. My queen.

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