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G.O.T - The Duke and The Duchess



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G.O.T - The Duke and The Duchess

Post by Sassafras on Mon Aug 01, 2016 7:15 pm

Melissa Taiga sits and sighs, looking down at her parents picture.
Melissa - Guess it's time to get ready for tonight's part. Is the food ready?
Local - Yes, Lady Taiga.
Melissa - Good, now I am going to gather my people. Hope they take the news my parents died well, they all looked up to them. Get our soldiers gathered and citizens... I have a speech to prepare before the party.
Melissa - My people!!! I know you been asking when my parents are due home from fighting Jormag!!! It is...it is hard for me to tell you all this, but... But they're no longer with us...the dragon Jormag slain them both, along with some of our finest men and women. But don't cry or feel sad for they were people who we all looked up to and will always have a part of them, inside of us.. I, their daughter will rule and take their place as Duchess of Hoelbrak... AND TOGETHER!!! WE WILL KILL JORMAG AND RESTORE PEACE TO SHIVERSPEAKS!!!
The crowd cheers
Melissa - Now...my people, we will feast like royalty and party in Duchess Elizebeth and Duke Samuel's name... TO MY PARENTS!!!!
She raises a her mug to toast to them, smiling at her people, trying to look happy for them.
Noipros observes the crowd, and spots one Norn woman. He whispers to himself `She might be the one.'
Noipros - Excuse me? Where is the Duchess Taiga?
Melissa - That would be me...who is asking?
Noipros - Oh! I apologies my lady. The Duke of Rata Sum, Jonathan Noipros.
Melissa - Duke Noipros? Well, it is a pleasure to meet you.
Noipros - The pleasure is all mine. My lady, may we speak in private?
Melissa - Sure.
Noipros - Don't worry about your guests. They will be entertained accordingly. I've brought in a lovely band for you. Shall we?
Melissa - So...what do you want to discuss?
He signals the band to begin playing.
Noipros - My lady, I must be blunt and quick.
Melissa - About?
Noipros - The jungle dragon rises in the west. Jormag is the least of your concerns. He will soon consume everything in his path.
Melissa - I have heard from my people whom has traveled there. 
Noipros - I need your help. Anything you can provide to defeat him.
Melissa - Mordremoth is more terrible I heard than Jormag? But...what about my promise to kill Jormag to my people?
Noipros - Promise? You'll have to break many of those as a Duchess.
Noipros taps his shoulder
Noipros - I know.
Melissa - Know what?
Noipros - Promises must be broken to be a good duke. You can't please everyone.
Melissa - I guess your right. Though I am new to ruling, why come to me of all people?
Noipros - Well, I won't take none of your time. Consider my suggestion. 
He bows
Melissa - No need to consider... I see this as a opportunity. If I kill Mordremoth first, it will shake Jormag to his core and then I can take him on.
Noipros - Perfect. I'll take my leave. Enjoy the feast.
Melissa - No need, you may stay and help yourself to the food. Well, guess I'll see you later on.

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