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G.O.T - Back at Rata Sum



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G.O.T - Back at Rata Sum

Post by Sassafras on Mon Aug 01, 2016 6:34 pm

Noipros breathes in a sigh of relief.
Noipros - I feel...at home. Finally.
Inquest Researcher - Duke? You return?! What are you doing here? I thought you were king?
Noipros - My position as king was merely...a waste of time. How goes the research? Kudu taking the last chaos crystal must have affected us, no?
Inquest Researcher - I'm afraid so. Kudu's rebellion has cost us and at the same time, given us new assets. The Crucible of Eternity is under our control.
Noipros - And the surrounding area? Mt. Maelstrom?
Inquest Researcher - We will soon spread our scientists all over the land. The Mount will be your soon.
Noipros - Good. Kudu's rebellion might have given us something after all.
Inquest Researcher - There is one more thing, my duke...
Noipros - Oh?
Inquest Researcher - Ley line energies have surged in the Maguuma Jungle. Mordrenach has begun his assault on the Wall.
Noipros - Oh....then it begins.
Inquest Researcher - We have also discovered the remains of Keino's airship. No sign of him, my duke.
Noipros - He's certainly dead. It doesn't matter.
Inquest Researcher - My duke... We can configure your greatsword to...speak to him.
Noipros - To...
Inquest Researcher - The Crystal Dragon. Ah. Well, let's get this over with.
The researcher fiddles with the Gem, causing it to shine brighter.
Noipros clutches his head and enters a strange dream...
Noipros - I...My Champion... Where...are you...
Noipros sees a large storm of purple approach him, in the form of Kralkatorik.
Kralkatorik - Palawa Joko approaches... Where is the egg?
Noipros cowers in fear.
Noipros - Give me time, I must defeat Mordremoth!
Kralkatorik - You have wasted mine. This petty game you play. Enough. You will travel to the Crystal Desert. You will stave off the Liches's Armies. And if you survive, you will bring me the egg.
Noipros - Yes...but...what do I get in return?
Kralkatorik - You get to continue existing, human.
Noipros shudders profusely. He hears a faint voice call out to him.
Inquest Researcher - My duke?
Noipros awakens
Noipros - Anything...else to report...?
He says looking tired
Inquest Researcher - There is one thing. A new Duchess rises in the Shiverpeak Mountains. She goes by the name of Taiga. I think you should travel there. Meet with her. Perhaps she may help us.
Noipros - I think...I will...

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