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G.O.T - The Letter & The Priory



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G.O.T - The Letter & The Priory

Post by Sassafras on Mon Aug 01, 2016 5:49 pm

Korg - News from the capital, dear.
Howl - Oh?
Korg - It turns out Noipros has stepped down from the crown. Rhaenara, I believe, should still be serving as Queen regent, but Noiprosis is in an...uncertain position.
Howl jumps
Howl - He what?
Korg - He's stepped down. He's no longer the king regent. 
Howl - What is his plan? What is his game?!
Korg - I wonder if he even knows what he wants. Seems more like another person behind him pulling the strings, the way he bounces between thing to thing.
Howl - Or... Do you suppose...there's...hmm... There might be...yes... there might be some larger goal, that we can't see.
Korg - Perhaps. But his short stint as king seems...odd either way.
Howl - We need to find out what he did in the Capital while he was king. So we can find out what he plans, and see that his head is removed before he accomplished it. 
Korg - Besides assassinate half the nobles in Divinity's Reach in a fire?  I guess we shall have to hear from Vialeth. 
Howl - No word yet?
Korg - Not in my knowledge. Perhaps a moa is on the way.
Howl - Let's hope.
Korg - Until then, I plan to begin interviews today...anything you'd like me to ask them in particular?
Howl - No. I trust your judgement.
Korg - (smiles) Thank you, love. I shall do my best to live up to you.
Howl's lips twitch up in a small smile. His eyes soften slightly. 
Korg - How long do you wish to keep Vialeth in Divinity's Reach?
Howl - (smiles) Let's see what she does... See where her... loyalties lie.
Korg - Yes, of course. A good thought. 
Howl - Do you disagree? 
Korg - No. (to himself) Maybe I could do it, then.
Howl - Do what?
Korg - Retrieval mission. Something of great value for our future plans.
Howl tilts his head and frowns.
Howl - Where?
Korg - The private storage of the Durmand Priory.
Howl raises his eyebrows.
Howl - Very well... D...Don't...get caught.
Korg gives Howl a kiss on the cheek
Korg - Do not worry, my love... I can get in and out no problem... I have friends...and...skills no living soul knows of. 
Howl turns and pulls Korg into a hug.
Howl - You sure do, love.
Korg - Well...one day, perhaps I'll have to show you, too...
Howl hugs Korg tighter.
Korg - Don't worry for me...keep yourself safe...I...I will leave it at nightfall. I hope to be back by down...but we will see.
Howl - Do you have to leave at nightfall.
Korg - It is the best time...but until then...we have all the time we want...and a nice sunset to watch together.
Howl - There's a nice view of the sunset...from my...from our bedding chamber, you know...
Korg - I hear its the best.
Howl smiles...and a servant enters the room. Korg traces a paw along the curve of Howl's horns. Howl's eyes flick to the servant. The servant flinches under his gaze.
Servant - A raven, your Grace.
Korg closes his eyes with a small sigh, and moves out of the way. Howl holds out a paw. The servant brings it to Howl, and turns to leave, glaring at him as he leaves, and reads the letter. He smiles softly, and holds the scroll out to Korg,
Howl - From Vialeth.
Korg takes it, with his eyebrows raised as he does so.
Korg - Well...I suppose the time for those loyalties to be proven is here.
Howl - ``I am going to do something that might be very stupid.'' Yes, this will be very interesting...
Howl makes a finger-pyramid with is paws.
Howl - Good girl, Vialeth...very good.
Korg - We'll see...
Howl - Yes. I think it's time to get out of these clothes and...slip into something more comfortable.
Korg - Oh? I didn't know I was even more comfortable than those...
Korg traces a claw along Howl's exposed chest.
Howl takes Korg by the paw and leads him out of the room.
Howl - Much more.

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