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G.O.T - Across Orr



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G.O.T - Across Orr

Post by Sassafras on Mon Aug 01, 2016 4:49 pm

Matithias returns from the graveyard on the other side of Orr, dragging a large dufflebag behind him.
Matithias - It was. This camp is looking better already.
Lierrin - I'd done my best, sir!
Matithias - I can see that. Do one more thing for me. Call the men forward, I'd like to speak to them.
Lierrin - (salutes) Yes, sir! SOLDIERS! Form up! Sir Matithias wants to speak to you!
Matithias - Soldiers! I know this hasn't been an easy journey.
I know many of you are confused and unsure of what going's on. I take full responsibility for that, and I'm going to clear the air.
You are here because you are Tyria's last line of defense. You are here because you loyal few have dedicated yourselves to your country without question and that is a noble feat you should be proud of. But the world is rapidly changing.  And as such, we are forced to change it. I know you are tired, I know it seems like I'm not telling you everything. For that, I apologize. But you are all soldiers that I've trained with, fought with, and bleed with. That is a bond that we will forever share. For those of you who are still unsure of where you stand... Well, I get it. If any of you doubt my leadership, if any of you are don't think you can keep going, I'll understand if you with to leave. But for those of you who wish to stay, I can promise you one thing. I can promise you that everything we do from this point forward, will be for the good of Tyria, and that each step we take, we will take together. Not just as a squad, but as a people! Now, I ask you... Who will join me?!
Soldier: I will be honored to join you.
Matithias - Excellent. Now then, I've got a special project I'm working on. I'll be quite busy with that. But as a reward for your unquestioned loyalty, tonight you will feast like kings! That is all for now, we will form up first thing tomorrow. DISMISSED! Lierrin?  A word?
Lierrin - Of course, sir!
Matithias - We will celebrate tonight, because tomorrow, we prepare for battle.
Lierrin - For battle? Against...the Risen? Against who?
Matithias - Against the man who stole the world.
Lierrin blinks

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