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G.O.T - It Begins Here



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G.O.T - It Begins Here

Post by Sassafras on Tue Jul 26, 2016 12:59 pm

Noipros throws his father’s sword and armor into the pyre
Aneirahh – It’s been a long time, friend.
Noipros – Aneirahh?! (hugs) I haven’t seen you since school…was it?
Aneirahh – I’m glad you remember me! I heard the news, I’m…so sorry. Yes, yes! Those were the days.
Noipros – My father…dead. (chuckles)
Aneirahh – I can’t believe it, either.
Noipros – He wasn’t the best man I know but…he was my only father…
Aneirahh – He treat me with respect, and dignity. Serving under your family, I felt more like friend than a servant.
Noipros – You remember, haha, when he gave you the scholarship to study at my school? Imagine that…a servant alongside a nobleman…
Aneirahh – Haha! Yes, I remember when he found me teaching you how to read and write. I thought he’d be furious… But no. He, was quite encouraging of that fact.
Noipros – And all of that taken away…by Howl and his family…
Aneirahh – I heard.
Noipros voice slightly breaks
Noipros – We…use to play games by the lake… A human and a charr… Looks I can only trust my kind, huh?
Noipros wipes a single tear from his cheek
Aneirahh – I remember watching from the window some days. Simpler times. I guess so.
Noipros – Aneirahh, I…won’t be staying here much longer.
Aneirahh – Where will you go?
Noipros – House Noipros won’t survive if I stay in Divinity’s Reach. I..have been studying a possible place I could go.
Aneirahh – Yes…?
Noipros – If I can prove myself that is… Rata Sum.
Aneirahh – Interesting. Any particular reason, or just visiting?
Noipros looks at the flames
Noipros – A reason? Howl.
Aneirahh – I see.
Noipros – I could use a man of your caliber. I won’t let this go unpunished.
Aneirahh – Say no more. It’s the least I could do for his hospitality. Justice must be served.
Noipros – Yes. Howl want to play. Let’s play.
Aneirahh – Indeed. I feel I have to share something with you. It’s imperative I show you.
Noipros – Can you show me here? In front of all these…mourners?
Aneirahh – Of course, not now. But do you remember that particular time, I turned myself into a cat somehow? Well…I’ve focused that ability. I believe I could be one some use. A pawn if you will.
Noipros – (whispers) You…did it?
Aneirahh leans over, and nods assertively.
Noipros looks into the flames, instead of frowning and crying, Noipros’ expression changes to something sinister.
Noipros – To Rate Sum, we go.
Aneirahh – Yes, let’s go. I will show you on the way.
Noipros – (laughs) You were not kidding

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